Proving I'm not a liar

When Molly starts a safari holiday in South Africa she does not expect to find a point that will change her life forever. All of this though creates problems for her at school. Can she go past this and show them she is not a liar. This was created for a friend a my local riding school.


2. The foal

The blistering hot beat down on my body. I felt as though I was going to be a fish from the chip shop any time soon. We were going slowly because of the safari. We had seen lazy lions, galloping giraffes and zippy zebras. I love the zebra. The way the group together to fight the lion's and show them that they are the better animal even though they could become their supper. Time flew by and I had a great time, I wanted to re-live this day forever.


I woke with nerves and pain. I knew why. I heard the screaming of zebra's and the thumping of hooves in the black veil of the night. I jumped up and watched out of the window to see, but it was a wasted attempt. My pathetic attempt brought me to straining my eyes just to find myself no further forward. I nearly fainted when I heard the menacing roar of a lion pride. The screams were worse and it felt the thump as the herd was brought down one by one. I ran outside just to see the final one being slaughtered. The eyes bloodshot and bulging with terror and pain. I felt something though. It was pleading to me somehow, asking me to do something that I had never felt before. Those very same eyes turned hard and cold as she died. I looked at her, widening my vision. I didn't have to look far to see the predator. It's iron grasp locked around her neck, it's lips peeling around the roots of it's daggers for teeth. It's muzzle swimming and dripping with the pure zebra blood, and it's eyes. Wild with hunger locked on to my neck. Making it wilder with every beat with my heart. I heard the roar of a gun and the cloud dust before the carcass of a animal I had witness die. My mothers sturdy arms wrapped themselves around my frozen body. My eyes locked still on the scene. I felt my mother pulling me to the hut and I gave in on preserving the memory of this day. I weakly followed when i felt fur under my hand. I felt the rise and fall of the body, the foal of the dying zebra mare stood by my side. I couldn't believe it. That's what the mare wanted, for me to look after this suffering baby. It's round eyes looked at me pleading. I looked towards my mother and with out a word she nodded her head. This was my little foal. I wouldn't let anyone hurt it. Ever

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