Proving I'm not a liar

When Molly starts a safari holiday in South Africa she does not expect to find a point that will change her life forever. All of this though creates problems for her at school. Can she go past this and show them she is not a liar. This was created for a friend a my local riding school.


3. 4 years later

I was now fourteen years old and lived on large country house with stables. I had lots of of other horse that over the years we have trained and showed in national events. There was one who I had had for the longest. Zach. He had grown to the average size of a zebra and was my mount. No-one could ride him, if they tried he would always move from the block. It was funny to watch. I was glad my mother had allowed us to keep im. Ever since that frightful night of my almost peaceful childhood, I knew that fate had brought us together. It was not just a mere coincidence, I knew it was meant to be. I was dreading tomorrow. What would it bring? I wa having to start a new school, again. I never fitted in and was mocked. I lay back on to my pillow and fell into a dreamless but deep sleep...


I slowly opened my eyes to the bright morning sun that seeped through my windows. I heard the melody of the birds lull me from my slumber. It was 6 am. I shoved on my jeans and a t-shirt and was half jumping with happiness. I found my little cob's stable. Freckles looked up from the hay net in the corner and walked over to me. I rubbed her neck gently, the way I say morning to all of the horses. I opened the door and placed a water bucket in the corner. I gave her another pat before I left the stable, locking it afterwards. I walked to the opposite side of the yard where my beauty lay on the floor. Waiting for something. His eyes were locked to the floor under the hay net where a small mouse poked itself from a whole in the wall. I have to move him back to his old stable. He hated mice with a passion. I don't know why but he just never liked them, his ears would retreat to the back of his head and he wouldn't take his eyes off them. Such a silly boy. I slid the bolt back from his door and the mice flew from his sight making him return to normal. I placed another water bucket in his stall and groomed him until he was glossy. I sighed with pride. I gave him a hug, and took one picture of him stuffing his face. How I adored him. I shut the door and ran back home to get changed. I never wanted to leave him, but I had to.

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