The Day I Meet You (FAMOUS)

Nicole and her brother Zayn were just hanging out together. When all of a sudden gun shots go off. Nicole got shot and she has to be takin to the hospital. After she wakes up from her surgery she only saw the doctor and was to scared to even talk to anyone. When she hears about her mother and stuck with her dad who abusers her. After Zayn leaves for the X-Factor, What will she do now?


7. Someone new

I had finish packing everything I wanted to take. Then it was 5 in the morning. We had to be there by 7 in the morning. We went downstairs and i grabbed something to eat, So did Zayn. My dad had left his wallet and I grabbed all he had in there, and it was at least $150. We heard footsteps from upstairs and we grabbed our bags and through them in the car and Zayn started the car and we took off.

We drove and drove. While we drove my two of my favorite songs came on, Part of me by Katy Perry and Downtown Girl by Hot Chelle Rae. Zayn was laughing because I was singing and he loves to watch me sing. When ever we both started to sing we were being really weird and funny! I could not stop laugh and I made Zayn laugh alot. He loved seeing me sing.

We got to the place were the X-Factor was and Zayn had signed in and then they had asked about me and Zayn looked at me and I just did a I dont know look. He smiled and then told the ladie.

"Her name is Taylor Ann Malik." Zayn said.

"Okay. What song are you going to be singing?"  She had asked.

"Some Catching up to do by Sammy." I said.

"Okay. Good Luck to the both of you."

"Thank You" We both said. We had both walked off and we waited in a room so no one could heard us.

"Zayn, I don;t know if I can do this."

"You will do great I know you will." I just smiled at him.

"Okay, lets let you practice and then I can." I grab my ipod and put on the song Some Chatching up to do. I sang it about 3 to4 times then Zayn sang his song Let me Love you. He was really good at it. Then it was time to adudition. I was so nervous.

"Okay, Zayn good luck!" Teh guy in the back said.

"Thanks." Zyan walked on to stage. The judges asked him a few questions. While they were doing that 4 boys came over and asked the nice man a question about when each of them would be on. He said that they were after me. The one with brown wavy hair and brown chocholate eyes looked at me and  smiled and I smiled back. He was pretty cute. While we were waiting the had come over and they introduced them self.

"Hi, Im Liam."

"Im Niall."



"Hi guys. I am Taylor. My brother is on stage."

"I see. What are you going to be singing?" Liam asked me. The other 3 boys left to go and get what they needed and left Laim and me alone.

"I am singing Some Chatching up to do by Sammy."

"Ohh that is a good song."

"Yah I have to have the mic that is on my head cause I have a dance for this and what are you going to be singing?"

"Ohh can't wait I will be watching to see this. and I am going to be singing cry me a river."

"Ohh Thanks and I will be watching yours too." I said with a smile. Zayn came back stage and sall me and Liam.

"Taylor, Who is this?"

"A new friend I made. His name is Liam and then there are 3 others but they left."

"Taylor your on."

"Good luck Taylor" Liam and Zayn both said.

I walked out on stage and I was so nervous.

"Hi there Taylor." Simon said.


"How are you today?"

"fine how about you?"

"Good. So why are you here?" Not that question.

"Something happened with my family that I came here to help them out."

"Hope things will be okay."

"Thanks." I said smiling.

"So what will you be singing today?"

"I will be singing Some chatching up to do."

"That is a good song and I am guessing you are going to be dancing with your mic on ur head?"

"Yes." I said smiling better.

"Okay lets see what you have." I kneeled down on the floor and then the song started playing.

I started to sing and dance and alot of people were cheering me on. The song ended and everyone stood up and all of the judges but simon but he did clap. They did the same thing they did to Zayn.

Liam's POV

I was talking to Taylor and I have to sya she was so Pretty. She said she was going to perform and I was excited to see how well she would do. After everyone cheered for the person on stage again he walked off.

"Taylor, who is this?" The boy asked.

"A new friend I made. His name is Liam and there was 3 others but they left." After she said that she had to go.

"Taylor your on." The guy said.

"Good Luck Taylor!" Me and the boy said.

"Hi, I'm Liam. Liam Payne."

"Hi, Im Zayn Mailk."

"So that is your sister?"

"Yep. One of my sisters."

"Where is the other one?"

"Okay. You have to keep this a secret for now okay?"


"Taylor and I have another sister and her name is Silver. See Taylor and Silver were playing outside when Taylor got shot in the shoulder. We took her to the hospital. After she woke up she asked where mum was and we had told her that she died on the way to met us here and see her. She was really upset. Then After our mother died our father like was being very rude and mean to her. She did not want to talk to her dad at the moment and since she dident want to talk our dad picked her up and like threw her at the wall. She after that all happen she had a sore shoulder and she has a brace on her ribs. So you can't tell anyone. Also we ran away cause her dad was starving her and using her as a slave and I would do anything to help her eat. So I told her I will bring her with me and if I win I would get a house for us away from our home. So that is why...."

"Ohhh....Okay!" I felt so bad for them. I hope there is some way I could help them out.

"Is there anyway I could help?"

"Yah, Just don;t tell anyone and If you really want to help out us?"


Okay." After I said okay He gave me his number so we can keep in contact. Taylor's song started to play and she was dancing and singing and she was really good. Her song endded and everyone was standing up clapping and cherring her on. After that the judges told her good things she did and then it was time for to see if she was good to co through.

"Yes." The judge said.



"I have to say you are amazing. So I say Yes." Simon said. Taylor was so happy. She walked off stage and hugged Zayn and I and She was so happy that she made it through!

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