The Day I Meet You (FAMOUS)

Nicole and her brother Zayn were just hanging out together. When all of a sudden gun shots go off. Nicole got shot and she has to be takin to the hospital. After she wakes up from her surgery she only saw the doctor and was to scared to even talk to anyone. When she hears about her mother and stuck with her dad who abusers her. After Zayn leaves for the X-Factor, What will she do now?


4. Never!

*Taylor wakes up*

I finally woke up from my dad throwing me on the ground. Zayn comes and help me up because of my shoulder. Right when he helps me up I fell right back. He trys to help me again but I told him "No, Zayn I cant get up!"

"What is wrong?" he asked me.

"It is my ribs. I think he broke one." I told him. He ran to go and get a doctor. Then came back in and he had Zayn pick me up. Zayn really did'nt want to he looked at me. I shook my head in a sign of a yes. He picked me up and I was in pain but I whispered to him "It is not you fault. You are just trying to help me!" he places me carefully and gently on my bed. The doctor did an xray on my ribs. I did not like this one bit. Their was two reason why I hated this. One was that I did not want surgery again. The second one is that I do not want to go home!

Then I asked Zayn if he could stay with me. He said that he would. Then I heard my dad yell, " I am not paying for her F****in Surgey! She is fine!" "No she is already getting put to sleep.!" The doctor said. "F*** you!"

The doctor came in and asked me "Are you ready Taylor?"


I put out my hand so Zayn could hold it because I had to have three shots and I hate shots so much! So Zayn held my hand. The after the third shot I was starting to fall asleep. Right before I fell asleep I told Zayn,

" I am Never going back and live with dad!"

"Okay Taylor. We will never go back." Then I fell asleep.

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