The Day I Meet You (FAMOUS)

Nicole and her brother Zayn were just hanging out together. When all of a sudden gun shots go off. Nicole got shot and she has to be takin to the hospital. After she wakes up from her surgery she only saw the doctor and was to scared to even talk to anyone. When she hears about her mother and stuck with her dad who abusers her. After Zayn leaves for the X-Factor, What will she do now?


6. Leaving

I went and sat down on my bed. I could hear my dad yelling at me. Then I heard Zayn say something calm. Then my dad started to yell at him. Then it was quiet. Too quiet. Then my door popped opened and my dad was really mad. He came over to me and started to beat me. Then after about 5minutes he left. I had brusies and cuts on me. I did not know why he beat me. But all I knew was that he was out of control ever sence mother died. Then Zayn came into my room and he had a cut right above his left eye. I knew my dad had done that to Zayn. Zayn did not deservie that. He did nothing wrong. This is all my fault. Then right before Zayn was about to talk my dad yelled

" TAYLOR GET YOUR A** DOWN RIGHT NOW!" I looked at Zayn and he was more worried about me. Then I got up and I told Zayn not to worrie about me. Just stay here and I will be right back.

After about an hour I was trying to go back up the staris. But my Ribs and Shoulder hurt really badly. Especially my ribs. I had a brace on my ribs all the way down to about half way of my stomach. So it was hard walking up things but easy going down things.

But anyway I was trying to go back up the stairs but tripped on the first step. My dad laughed and Zayn and Silver came to see what happened. They sall me on the ground and our dad laughing at me. Zayn came down the stairs and helped me up. When I got to the top of the stairs Silver keep asking me what happened and if I was okay. I had told I was fine and nothing happened. Just tripped up the stairs. Then I went right to my room.

I was alone for awhile before somebody knocked on my door. I hid in the closet because I was just scared and did not want to take any chances on if it was my father so I hid. I could not see who it was. I was just hopping they would not fined me. Then I could here something/somebody walking around looking for me. I think. Then all of a sudden my closet doors opened and I screamed-

"NO LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!" Then the person said,

"Your okay, everything is fine" They said while hugging me gentle and I looked to see who it was because the hug, I knew I knew who it was. I knew it was Zayn.

"Zayn?" I said quietly.


"I am so scared. I don't want to be here any longer!"

"I know I know. Tell you what."

"What?" I said nicely.

"I signed up for the X-Factor. If I do win or gets lots of money, I will buy a house for you and I. Away from here! Okay?"

"Okay." I said.

Supper came around and my dadwould not let me eat. Zayn desided not to eat but I said,

"Zayn go and eat I will be just fine. Please go and eat. Zayn I am not letting you starve becasue I can't eat. Please go."

"Okay but I am going to figure out a way to get you something."

"Okay. But don't get caught."

"I won't. Don't worrie."

"Okay." I said smiling and laughing a tiny bit. It had been about an Hour and Zayn came upstairs with a bag from Nandos..

"Zayn how you get that past dad? " I asked him.

*Flash back (Few Minutes ago)*

"Dad we will be right back." Zayn said.

"Where are you going!"

"For a walk be back in a few minutes."


*Back to Story*

"Okay. So after Silver and i got back. Dad was asleep So I ran upstairs. and here I am!"

"Thanks Zayn! When are you leaving for the X-Factor?"

"Tomarrow." He said sadly.

"Don't worrie about me Zayn, I will be fine!"

"I can bring someone. They told me. I was thinking about taking you. Dad LOVES Silver so she will be okay! Do you want to come?"

"Zayn I would L-O-V-E too! :)" I say so happy.


"But one problem. I might slow you down because of my ribs and shoulder."

"No you won't. Don't worrie."

"At least I can walk okay. Just not fast. So this will be REALLY Fun!"

"I am going to go and finish packing. Remember we aren't coming back!" 


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