The Day I Meet You (FAMOUS)

Nicole and her brother Zayn were just hanging out together. When all of a sudden gun shots go off. Nicole got shot and she has to be takin to the hospital. After she wakes up from her surgery she only saw the doctor and was to scared to even talk to anyone. When she hears about her mother and stuck with her dad who abusers her. After Zayn leaves for the X-Factor, What will she do now?


1. Intro

Name: Taylor Ann Malik (Brooks)

Dad: Kolton Al Malik                                                                                                                                

Mom: Ashely May Malik                                                                                                                     

Brothers and sisters: Zayn Malik and Silver Malik                                                                                         

Boyfriend: Did but was veing cheated on and broke my heart really badly. Said will never Date again.            

Friends: Aly Payne and Liam Payne. But really Nobody Hidding Zayn and silver talk about me but no one has see me before except Aly and Liam.                                                                                                      

Music: One Direction                                                                                                                                    

Type: Half Irish Half British (55%) Irish (45%) British                                                                                   

Hobbies: Love to sing, Dance, Hang with friends, Scabbenger hunts (LOL), Listen to music, Shopping, Watching scary movies, Like having a boyfriend but after what happened never will and never want to again because I think it will happen again!!!, Loves to be funny, Plays guitar                                                            

 Hate: Beatings,Yelling, fighting, Being a slave, Saying mean things about me!, Thunderstorms, Tight spaces, Heights, Getting thrown around, Getting scared over and over non stop (LIKE YOU CAN SCARE ME BUT NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT OVER AND OVER LIKE 5 TIMES IN A DAY HATE IT!!!!!!!)                                                                                                                                                     

Age: 18                                                                                                                                                      Born: December 24,1993

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