The Day I Meet You (FAMOUS)

Nicole and her brother Zayn were just hanging out together. When all of a sudden gun shots go off. Nicole got shot and she has to be takin to the hospital. After she wakes up from her surgery she only saw the doctor and was to scared to even talk to anyone. When she hears about her mother and stuck with her dad who abusers her. After Zayn leaves for the X-Factor, What will she do now?



Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks for everything. I am trying to get this book updated as much as possiable. Just wanted to say in this book at the beggining Liam and Zayn are good friends and Niall and Liam are good friends Same with Taylor and Liam. Then Niall, Liam, Zayn and Taylor are all good friends. And also Harry and Louis are good friends, then they come a band and that is when everyone is going to be friends at the start this is how it is. So just wanted to say that and plz comment and Thanks Everyone who is reading this and the book!! Thank you so much!! :)

~Kylie ;)

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