Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


2. Chapter Two

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry Courtney's mom!" I screamed.
"Umm, who's Courtney's mom?" A sudden british accent spoke.
"Umm, who are you?" I asked before looking up.
"Take a good guess, Alyx." The voice spoke again.
"How do you know my name?" I asked again.
"Well, it kind've says it on your butt." He laughed a little.
"Why were you or are you staring at my butt?" I asked again, a little annoyed and still not looking up.
"Umm, I don't know, I guess it's beautiful?" He said starting to chuckle.
"Well, will you stop?!" I yelled.
"Umm, maybe I won't." The british accent spoke again.
"Well then, tell me who you are!" I yelled again.
"Umm, I am leaving." He said, and I saw his feet scurrying across the floor as he ran off.

"Well that was weird." I whispered to myself.

Just then Courtney opened her door and found me laying on the floor. There was no need to tell her what had happened, then she would freak out.

"Why are you laying on my hallway floor?" She asked.
"I tripped and fell." I said in a shaky voice.
"Oh okay." She said not noticing the fear in my voice.

I got up and walked with her into the living room, her mom was standing there waiting for us.

"There you two are! Your breakfast is getting cold!" She yelled.

We ran past her and into the kitchen hogging down our breakfast.

"I'm going to go get the car started!" Courtney's mom yelled to us.
"Okay!" Courtney yelled back.

We heard the front door open and close. While Courtney was eating her cereal with a fork and not a spoon because she's taking the Liam challenge. I couldn't stop thinking about who I fell into, who was it? why were they here? those kind of question's burned my brain. While I was thinking about that, Sam came into the room. Sam was my cousin and Courtney's boyfriend. He came up behind me and engulfed my in a huge hug. Courtney looked like she was jelous but she knew that he was my cousin.

"Hey big cuz'!" He yelled.
"Hey." I said back.

He walked over to Courtney and sat on her lap. 

"Hey babe" She said while giving a peck on her cheek.
"Hey" She replied glumly.

Sam and I ignored it.

"Alyx come here, I need to talk to you." He said.

I followed him outside.

"What is it?" I asked.
What's wrong with Courtney?" He questioned me.
"I don't know! How would I know!" I yelled.
"Shhh! Keep quiet." He whispered.
"Okay, but how do you expect me to know?" I asked again.
"Well you are her best friend!" He shouted.
"Shhh!" I put my hand over his mouth. I grabbed his arm and dragged him farther away from the house.
"Sorry...I guess she's just a little tired?" She said, more of a question.
"Yea, I guess, or its that time of the month, lets go back to the house." I whispered.

We both went back to the house and Courtney was still sitting there.

"I have to go." He said kissing Courtney on the cheek followed by giving me a hug.

"Bye Sam!" Courtney shouted.
"See ya Samuel!" I also shouted.

After he left I sat back down at the round table. Her mom hasn't came back yet so Courtney decided to go check on her. I stayed in the kitchen, then I suddenly heard a scream. I ran outside and you would never believe what we were looking at....

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