Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


20. Chapter Twenty


*Alyx's P.O.V*
  On one side, Harry, Courtney and me seriously hurt. And on the other, I can't believe Samuel, a.k.a my cousin would do this. Now I'm glad he hurt his leg, but he still can't do hardly anything with it but walk. Well, it's really kind of boring just sitting in a hospital bed all day, but I do get to see Harry's beautiful face. All three of us were in one room together, weird. I was thinking a little bit and apparently Sam left town? So I have a plan to search for him. It will involve going on a roadtrip after we get out of the hospital, if the boys don't mind. I know Kayli, Aloe, Avril and Courtney won't mind because they all want to find him. Sam's probably at a bar watching Nikki pole dance or something. Now I don't wanna think about this, so I got my phone and headphones and started listening to Boys Like Girls new single 'Be Your Everything.' I loved it. Helps me be calm. Right now Harry was in some room having tests done, so me and Courtney were the only ones in the room right now, well, she was asleep, but still. I couldn't get up, even though I had to go to the bathroom. Then, Kayli came in and made her way toward me. 
"You feeling okay?" She asked.
"Yeah, why?" I said.
"No reason. Hey I have a question." She said.
"Okay, fire away." I said.
"I get you crying because they were hurt, but it seemed like you cried more than you would have. Why?" She asked,
"I don't know.. Hormones maybe?" I said.
"No, I think there's something going on." She said.
"Like what?" I asked.
"You really like Harry." She paused, "And I have something to tell you."
"Uh, okay." I said.
"I was just talking to Harry." She said.
"Yeah.. Go on." I said.
"Well, he doesn't like you.. Sorry." She said. I knew he just said that because he doesn't want her to know that ya know we're dating.
"Oh really?" I said trying to look sad.
"Yeah." She said. "How's Courtney been?"
"Sam as me. Good." I said.
"Awesome." She said. "Well I better be going."
"Oh okay, see ya later." I said.
"See ya." She said and walked out the door. After she slammed the door Courtney woke up. I just put my headphones back in and listened to my music for about 30 minutes.
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