Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


3. Chapter Three


It was a week since we had seen Sam. Courtney was crying her eyes out and so was I because he's the only family member I have left. Well to get our minds off of Samuel we are listening to One Direction. I zoned out thinking about that person, I still asked those same questions in my head. I was scared and fearing of Courtney finding out, I just had to tell someone....

*Courtney's P.O.V*

Well Sam was in the hospital because he got shot in the leg with a gun by a robber. I was crying my eyes out for two whole days, but Alyx cried four! For some reason it looked like she was zoning out a lot after I found her laying in the hallway. On the brightside, we moved into our new flat and let me tell you it was pretty awesome, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 floors, it was like paradise. My bedroom is covered in One Direction and so is Alyx's. Well back on topic, I was watching TV when Alyx spoke.

"I can't wait to meet One Direction." She said.
"Maybe, I don't think we'll win." I said back.
"We already did!" She yelled.
"What?" I asked. She handed me a letter she got in the mail that said:

Congratulations, you will be singing wih One Direction on stage wherever you are located, the boys will be there in two days. Get ready for the One Direction Infection!

She could tell when I stopped reading because we both screamed at the same time. While out little screaming fit Kayli walked in.

"What is going on!?" Kayli shouted.
"Well, why dont you read this letter?" Alyx handed her the paper.

Kayli started screaming like it was the end of the world. She took out her cell phone and called someone. It turned out it was her mum. We could hear her scream through Kayli's phone. 

"Hey, hey, hey!" A Familiar voice said.
"Hey!" I said back to Aloe who was standing in front of our fireplace.
"What up homies? lol" Aloe said.
"Well, i'm about to go to work." I said.
"Oh, well Alyx invited us over." Aloe said.
"Probably to keep her company." I said.
"Haha, well then you better get off to work." Kayli said.
"Oh yea! I will see you guys later!" I yelled.
"Bye!" They all said in sync.

*Alyx's  P.O.V*

I was really glad Courtney left for work so early. I was going to tell, Kayli, Aloe and Avril about who I ran into in the hallway. If only Avril would hurry up and get here. 

"Okay, so now Courtney's gone-" I tried to say but got cut off by Aloe.
"Why are you glad Courtney's gone?" She asked.
"Because I have to tell you something and none of you can tell her." I said back.
"Oh, well what is it?" Aloe questioned again.
"I can't tell you until Avril gets here." I said.
" I just saw a car pull up, it might be Avril." Kayli jumped in.

Just as she said that we all looked toward the door as it squeaked open. Turns out it was Sam.

"Oh my carrots Samuel!" I yelled.
"What?" He asked.
"How are you out of the hospital early?" I asked him.
"They told me to take it easy for a couple of days, so I can't run or anything like that." He answered.
"Oh, awesome! I can tell you too!" I screamed once again.
"Tell me what?" He asked.
"We have to wait on Avril." Aloe said.
"Oh well she's on her way." Sam said.
"Great!" I said loudly.

We waited for about 5 minutes them Sam broke the silence.

"How bad is the thing your gonna tell us?" He asked.
"Well, it was scary and we might want to call the police." I said.
"Oh my gosh-" He was cut off.
"Carrots, not gosh." Kayli said.
"Okay then, oh my carrots, it was that bad?" He questioned.
"Yep, but then again we might not want to worry about it." I said.
"Oh okay." He replied.

The door swung open very loudly letting light pour into the blue and white room. There was a figure standing at the door with shopping bags in its hands. We all looked at the thing in the doorway like we were about to be killed.

"Carrots, its me Avril!" It shouted.
"Ohhh, hey Avril." Kayli said.
"There we go!" Aloe said.
"Now tell us!" Sam yelled.
"Tell us what?" Avril asked putting her bags on the floor.
"Alyx has something 'scary' to tell us." Aloe said.
"Oh well then tell us. Wait where's Courtney?" Avril said.
"Work. She can't know about this!" I said almost shouting.
"Okay, no problem!" She said.

I was staring to rethink my idea to tell them, and just tell them a lie. But if I was gonna solve anything, i'd have to have help, so I started to tell them.

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