Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


13. Chapter Thirteen

"Get out of here now!!" Courtney yelled. "You can't be here anymore!"
"Why not? Sam said I was." Nikki said.
"Samuel Lloyd Blake! Why did you do that?!" I yelled at him. Now everybody was staring at Sam except for Aloe, Kayli and Avril, they looked confused.
"Aloe, Avril and Kayli come with me." I said and they followed me upstairs to my room.
"What?" Aloe asked.
"Wait why is there a sleeping bag on the floor?" Kayli asked.
"Can that wait for now?" I asked.
"No I wanna know!" Kayli said.
"Okay fine, that's where Harry sleeps, now onto the important stuff!" I yelled.
"Harry sleeps right there?" Aloe asked.
"Yea, so what?" I said.
"So what? What else has happened since they came here. The whole story." Avril said.
"Okay, well, the house across from us got ran into by a certain tour bus with One Direction in it. Niall was the only one who actually got hurt..." I told the whole story.
"Okay so you got thrown into the pool by Harry?!" Kayli asked.
"Yea..." I said my voice trailing off. "Louis was going to but he said he would never do that then Harry grabbed me and threw me in." They all laughed. They knew about Sam, and Nikki, but not about how Courtney and Lou kissed. They can't know about that yet. I figured they would've freaked out over that. So, we walked back downstairs and Nikki was gone, Sam was too. One Direction was in the floor laying down, and Courtney was sitting on the couch. It was deadly silent. Aloe, Avril and Kayli we're shaking because One Direction is here. And it's only been two days. Well, I sat down on the couch next to Courtney. She looked at me. I gave her a 'What?' look. "I'll tell you later" she whispered noticing Harry and Niall was asleep. Just then, the doorbell went. I got up and walked over to the door. I looked back and it woke Harry and Niall up. I opened the door and my neighbors were standing there. Let me tell you, they are like mom and dad to me. I call them mom and dad soo, yeah, I've known them all my life.

"What are you doing here? I thought you went on a trip for the summer." I said motioning them to go outside.Well they already were, but you'll see why I want to keep them there.

"We came back, we forgot some things and we wanted to see your new house!" My mom said.
"Yeah, here it is! You better be going now." I said shooing them off.
"We are in no rush! We want to see the inside." Dad said.
"No! You can't." I said.
"Why not, is it covered with lots and lots and lots of posters of that band One Direction?" Dad asked.
"No." I said.
"Well then why can't we come in?" Mom asked.
"Wait, do you still like One Direction?" Dad asked.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well, you probably will never get to meet them because we're low on money. And you don't have enough money either." Mom said.
"Well, um, there's the thing..-" I said someone cutting me off,
"Who's this?" He was leaning on the door frame.
"Our neighbors." I said. He walked outside to where I was.
"Who is that?" Dad asked.
"Harry.." I said.
"Harry who?" Mom asked.
"Harry Styles." I said. They were in shock.
"Um, we have to go now." Dad said.
"Bye" I said. They got in their car and left.

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