Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


1. Chapter One

"Hey we could enter this?" I said sliding a piece of paper over to Courtney.

"Yeah we could, who wouldn't? This is our one chance to meet them." She said smiling at me.   We both screamed and wrote a note on how we should sing with them on stage, live. But there was one problem, we had to state which member we would be singing with, we didn't have five people. We had to quickly think up a plan. Finally Courtney had blurted out an answer.   "We could call Avril, Kayli and Aloe and ask them!" She shouted.   I nodded to her idea. Then she took out her phone and dialed Avril's number.   "Hello?" I could hear Avril say. "Hey Avril, how would you like to sing with One Direction?!" She almost shouted. I heard Avril shriek and say yes. "Now we have three, now time to call Kayli." She whispered.   Then she dialed her number. Kayli didn't answer, so Courtney left a message saying, "Hey Kayli do you wanna sing with One Direction? Call me as soon as soon as you get this love." and Courtney hung up. After she did, her phone rang and the lit up screen said Kayli and she immediately answered it.   "Yes, yes, yes I do!" Kayli screamed into the small cell phone. "Okay, bye!" and then Courtney hung up once again. "Four" She whispered again. "How about you call Aloe." She smiled at me. "Okay" I said and took the phone from her hand and dialed in Aloe's number.   "Hello?" She had answered. "Hey do you want to sing with One-" I tried to say but she cut me off saying, "Yes, yes yes!" And she hung up. "Five" I whispered back to Courtney.   We jumped for joy and wrote the letter. We put Me and Harry as a duet, Louis and Courtney, Avril and Zayn, Aloe and Niall, then Kayli and Liam. The next day we sent it in.    Well it was 9:35pm and I was at Courtney's house to spend the night. We never snuck out or anything. We spent an hour just watching TV then I just spit out a One Direction fact.   "You know Harry sleeps naked and his worst habbit is being naked too." I said. "Lol, I already knew that silly!" She giggled. "I know but there's nothing to do..." I said mysteriously. "We could go outside" Courtney suggested. "This late!" I practically screamed. "Yea, were in a secure place so no one could get us." She replied. "True, so lets go!" I shouted.   We ran out of her room and sped out of the door, almost tripping on all of her rugs. Once we got on the porch, I carefully walked down the steps, Courtney following.   "Why don't we go over there?" She pointed at her open field. "Okay." I said and started to run again. Courtney ran right behind me, catchng up. "Beat you there!" She shouted as she ran.   I didn't say anything and kept running. She, of course, got there before me.   "Crap!" I shouted and slowed down. I finally got there. "Lol, your slow." She said breathing heavily.   We were on the side of a mounain or hill, but we were slanted. It feels weird but I could get used to it.   "There's nothing to do." Her voice trailing off. "Wanna go back to the house?" I asked. "Sure, its more boring up here than it is at the house." Courtney replied.   So we walked back down to the smallish house. We got back into her room and just sat there the rest of the night, well she fell asleep and I stayed up till about 6:00am then fell asleep. I heard the TV about 10 minutes after I went to sleep. It turns out Courtney was watching Family Guy, my favorite show.   "Hey, why are you watching Family Guy?" I questioned. "Because I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, I am so exited! She shouted. "About what?" I shot back. "Because were moving in our own place, durrr" She said slightly annoyed. "Oh yea, I forgot!" I screamed exidedly. "Go get changed were leaving in an hour." She mumbled. "Oh, you're already ready?" I asked. "Yea, I got ready 5 minutes ago." She replied.   So I silently went to my bag and got out a tank top and shorts. Her bedroom had a bathroom so I went in there. I got changed and came back in the bedroom. I smelled bacon so I rushed nto the hall when I suddenly fell and landed on somebody's feet.
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