Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


9. Chapter Nine

"LOUIS??!?!?!" I yelled.
"What?" He said.
"What, why are you her!?!?!?!" I yelled again.
"I don't know....." He said, his voice trailing off.
"But, but, but, SHE JUST KISSED SAMUEL!" I yelled even louder.
"What?!" He said.
"Yeah, she's a freaking slut!" I said.
"Well I'm leaving and I will not call you." He said.
"What?! You can't just leave!" She screamed.
"Yea I can, you're not my overlord." He said and walked over to me.
"Oh, Courtney, you're gonna pay for this." She said and punched me. I punched her right back.
"Louis, help." I said.
"Gladly." He said and kicked her in the chest, she fell to the ground.
"Haha." I said under my breath. She got up and punched him. He punched her back. Then I punched her. Next thing you know she was out. We ran back to the house hoping she didn't wake up already. We got to the house and ran inside. Louis went upstairs and I sat down on the couch. I heard footsteps, turned out it was Harry. He came over to the couch and sat beside me. At least he had boxers on.

"Why up so early?" I asked him.
"Better question...Why do you have a bloody nose?" He asked.
"I have a bloody nose?" I asked.
"Yeah." He said.
"Okay, I'll be right back." I said and went upstairs to the bathroom.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I woke up pretty early this morning if you can't tell. There was so much yelling and everything going on, so I can downstairs to see if anyone was up. Courtney was sitting there on the couch with a bloody nose. I sat down beside her and she was wondering why I was up so early. Well she had a bloody nose, that's more important really. So I told her and she went upstairs to the bathroom. I got up and went upstairs as well and went back into Alyx's room and layed down on the floor. I could hear Alyx get up and leave. I was the only one there.... I sighed and left as well. I went back downstairs. Alyx was now sitting on the couch. I sat down beside her. There was awkward silence for about 5 minutes until she broke it.

"Why up early?" She asked.
"Same to you." I said.
"I heard yelling and slamming." She said.
"Me too." I said back.
"I wonder who it was...." She said. Just then someone came in the door. It was Nikki. I've heard about her, Alyx told me all about her last night after everyone went to bed. She's an slut and a whore.

"What are you doing here?" Alyx asked Nikki.
"I'm here to see Louis and Courtney." She said. We both looked up at her.
"Why?" I asked.
"Harry, is that you?" She asked.
"Well yea, who else." I said.
"Okay, but I need to see them both now." She demanded. Alyx got up.
"I'll go get Courtney, Harry you go get Louis." Alyx said. I nodded and got up. We went upstairs. I went into their room and Louis was in there laying on the bed.
"Louis?" I said.
"Yea Harry." He said.
"You need to come downstairs." I said.
"Okay." He said getting up and following me downstairs. On the way we met Alyx and Courtney. We all went down at the same time. We got to the bottom of the steps and Nikki was sitting on the couch making out with Samuel. I could tell Alyx and Courtney were about to get mad..........


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