Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


4. Chapter Four

Its been a day since I told them and One Direction are coming tomorrow!! Me and Courtney can't wait. Aloe is going to help me with the 'falling and landing on a persons feet' thing, she says she has something planned but wont tell me what it is. Its really bugging me.

*Samuel's P.O.V.*

Alyx told us about her falling into this guy yesterday. I personally think we shouldn't worry about it, I mean Courtney's mom might have let him in to go to the bathroom. But I really want to find out who it was. It will be like Scooby Doo, solving mysteries and who was in the suits, but not in suits just the finding out who it is part. I was thinking out my plan in my room at Alyx and Courtney's house, I live there now because my parents left me a few days ago and I couldn't live on my own with my leg being this bad. Well, I was thinking on who it would be until I heard a crash outside. I ran out of my room and into the living room. I looked out the window and a huge tour bus was crashed into the house right across from us. Alyx and Courtney must have heard it too because they rushed into the living room right behind me.

"I'd know that tour bus anywhere!" Alyx shouted.
"Are you saying-" Courtney was cut off.
"IT'S ONE DIRECTIONS TOUR BUS!!!!!!" Alyx shouted even louder.
"OK everything's gonna be fine, we'll just go over there and see if they're alright." I said calmly.
"Alright then, lets go." Courtney said.

We all went out the door and over to the house. Nobody lived in it, so they probably wouldn't have to pay for any damages. Once we got across the road and where the bus door was we heard screaming. Then Alyx decided to scream to.

"ARE YOU GUYS ALRIGHT!!" she shouted.
"YES BUT WE CANT GET OUT!" A voice shouted back.
"THANK YOU!!" The voice shouted again.

We all started trying to move stuff that was in front of the door, luckily whatever was there moved. Courtney opened the door and went inside.

"Come in I need help!" She shouted to us.
"OK were coming!" I shouted back.

Alyx and I went in and saw 5 boys laying on the floor, one of them looked like they broke their leg.

"Help us get out of here please!" The one with way to much hair gel shouted.
"OK, can you guys stand up?" I asked.
"We can but he cant." The one with suspenders said pointing at a boy with blonde hair.
"OH MY CARROTS, NIALL!" Alyx shouted.
"I'm fine, I think I broke my leg though." Niall said.
"OK, we'll take him to the hospital." Alyx Said.
"Let us come with you." The boy with curly hair said.
"OK, lets go!" Courtney shouted.

We had to carry Niall out of the bus and into Courtney's pick up. Courtney drove, the one with suspenders in the middle and me in the passengers seat. Alyx was taking care of Niall in the bed of the truck along with, the tan one, the one who looks like he's about to cry, and the curly haired one. We finally got to the hospital, drug Niall in the tall building and into the waiting room. I went up to the desk and talked to the lady about what happened and she took him back. We were left waiting there, not knowing if Niall was OK. The tan one broke the silence.

"I don't know if you know us." He said.
"Oh, we know you." Alyx said.
"So, you're directioners?" The curly one said.
"Maybe." Courtney said.
"You are directioners!" Curly shouted.
"I am but Courtney here wont admit she is." Alyx said.
"Well, its always nice to meet up with directioners." The tan one said.
"Do you know who we are?" The one in suspenders asked me.
"Yea, but not your names." I said.
"I bet one of the girls here can introduce us." Curly said.
"I can." Alyx said.
"OK, then tell him what are names are." Suspenders said.
"OK, this is Harry." She said pointing at the one with curly hair.
"Zayn." She said again pointing at the tan one.
"Louis." Pointing at the one with suspenders.
"Liam." Alyx said pointing at the one about to cry.
"And Niall is in there." She said pointing at the emergency room doors.
"Wow, you know us very well, huh?" Harry said.
"Well, yes, I know almost everything about you guys." Alyx said.
"So do I." Courtney said.
"Okay, so you stalk us?" Zayn asked.
"No, well...Maybe." Alyx said.
"Haha, okay, why aren't you screaming like all the other girls do?" Harry asked.
"Trust me I am on the inside, a lot." Alyx said.
"Well I would be right about now, but I can't since Niall got hurt." Courtney said.
"Yeah, were all pretty bummed about that." Liam said.
"It's okay Liam." Zayn said hugging Liam.
"Ughh, i'm tired Boo Bear." Harry said lead on laying his head on Louis' shoulder.
"Awwwww." Courtney and Alyx said at the same time.
"What's so cute about it?" I asked.
"You don't know Larry Stylinson!" Alyx screamed.
"No, why would I?" I asked.
"Because, umm, well, we talk about them all the time." She said.

Just as she said that the nurse came out and told us we could come back to see Niall.


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