Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


5. Chapter Five

*Alyx's P.O.V* 

The crash was just devastating, I couldn't look at Niall without crying. He was hurt pretty bad, he has to stay for 2 more days though. They would have to cancel some of their dates on their tour, then they would have to go back to Ireland. I didn't want that. We only had three people living in our house, and some of us could share a room. So I blurted out,

"Are you guys gonna have to go back to Ireland because of this?"
"Probably, his mum is gonna be worried if we don't." Louis said.
"Well, I was gonna suggest you living with me and Courtney until this blows over." I said.
"I don't know about th-" Zayn was cut off by Niall,
"We can if you want us too, we wouldn't have to spend all that money to go back home." The poor blonde guy said.
"Are you sure?" Louis asked.
"I think it could be a good chance to know the girls better." Niall said with a smile. Me and Courtney blushed.
"Yea I think its a good idea too." Harry Said. This time I was they only one who blushed.
"I don't want five other guys living in our house!" Sam yelled.
"You live with them?" Louis asked. Courtney nodded.
"He's my boyfriend." She said.
"Oh well, too bad." Louis said with a frown. Courtney blushed even bigger than I did.
"I see someones blushing!" Harry yelled pointing at Courtney.
"Haha I see that." Louis said. I started to laugh. Courtney punched me, to make me stop but I just laughed even harder.
"I like your laugh." Harry said with a smile. I blushed.
"We got another blusher!" Niall yelled pointing at me. They all started laughing including me.
"Okay lets leave the poor girls alone, but I know Alyx thinks Harry is sexy." Zayn said. I covered my mouth, my face as red as it could be.
"Is it true?" Harry asked looking into my eyes.
"Maybe...." I said.
"I think she does." Samuel said. I slapped him.
"She goes on about how amazing you are all the time." He said. This time I tackled him. They all started laughing.
"Looks like he's jealous." Courtney said.
"You know he's not." I said getting  up off of him. He got up as well and put an arm around my shoulder.

"I know, he's your cousin." Courtney said.
"Cousin?" Harry said.
"Yea, he's the only family member I have left.
"Oh i'm sorry for bringing it up." Harry said.
"Oh, no its okay, but there might be another member soon..." I said mysteriously.
"Huh?" Louis said.
"Nothing." I said looking at Harry. He was smiling which made me smile.
"Okay, we better get a move on Niall." Louis said.
"OK, bring me food tomorrow please and bunches, they hardly feed me here." Niall said. I chuckled.
"Good old Niall." I said.
"Yep." Courtney said.
"Bye Niall." Harry said.
"Bye." Niall said back, then we left.

We all walked outside and got in the truck. This time Louis was driving, Courtney was in the middle and Zayn was in the passenger side.  Harry, Liam me and Samuel was in the back. It was a bumpy ride, one of the bumps we hit was really big so all of us in the back went up and then next thing you know I landed on Harry! We all just laughed it off. Soon enough we got to our house. I was surprised Louis knew where it was at, but I guess Courtney told him. When Louis parked the truck we all hopped out. We got in the house and I went into my room to change, I heard footsteps behind me I was guessing it was either Sam or Courtney. I quickened up my pace, so did the person behind me. I stopped in my tracks and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Who is touching my shoulder?" I asked.
"Does this seem familiar at all?" A male voice asked.
"A little." I said.
"What does it remind you of?" He asked again.
"Well, at Courtney's moms house I fell and landed on someone's feet." I giggled a little.
"Really, you don't say?" He said laughing.
"Haha, yea." I laughed too.

The hand left my shoulder, I turned around. Nobody was there. Well, I just kept on walking thinking where the dude could be and where he went. I got to my room, and changed. Walked out and back into the living room, only Courtney was there. 

"Hey." She said.
"Where did everybody go?" I asked.
"Sam went to his room, and the boys went outside." She replied.
"Oh, okay." I said.

I sat on the long white couch beside Courtney. The t.v. was on Spongebob, it got really awkward so I got up and went outside where the boys were. They were sitting really close to the road in the ditch. I went up behind Louis and scared him with an old ladies voice saying,

"What are you boys doing out this late?" I giggled in my words.
"AHHHHH!" Louis screamed like a 5 year old girl.
"Hahaha, got ya" I said.
"Im going to get you." He said madly.
"Uh oh" I said and started to run.

I could hear him running after me, all the other boys laughing at us. I ran in the house past Courtney, Louis running past her as well. I got in my room and forgot to shut the door, so he came in tackling me. We both started laughing. Sam walked into the room.

"What are you guys doing?" He asked looking curious.
"I scared him and he came running after me and freaking tackled me!" I yelled.
"I would to if you did that to me." He said laughing a little.
"I knew you would, 'cause you're mean like that." I said glaring at him.
"Haha, yep I'm a mean guy." He said laughing fully now.
"Louis get off of me!" I shouted.
"Okay love." He said getting off of me.
"Tanks!" I said and started running again. This time Sam and Louis were after me.
"Courtney help!" I yelled.
"Why should I!" She shouted back.

Just as I was about to say something back, Sam tackled me along with Louis. Sam got off of me and Louis held me down. Sam picked me up and carried me out the door and to the backyard.

"Dont you dare." I said.
"I will." Sam said. Louis was right beside him.
"Do it!" Harry came up behind Sam and Louis.
"Dont please!" I shouted.
"Oh I wont, I could never do that to you, haha." Sam said.
"I could." Harry said grabbing me from Sam and throwing me into the pool.
"Oh my carrots! I didn't think you would do that." Sam said.
"You know me." Harry said.

I swam back up to the top, and got out, this time everyone was there except for Courtney. They were all laughing.

"Its not funny!" I shouted laughing at the same time.
"Well then why are you laughing?" Harry said picking me up again.
"Dont do it again Hazza!" I screamed.
"I wont" He said.
"Why should I trust you? Huh, huh?" I asked.
"Because I'm Harry Styles!" He said.
"Okay, but that's not a really good reason." I said. He put me down.

I ran back into the house going to go change again. I could hear Courtney laughing as I went by.

"I got it on video!" Zayn yelled to me.
"Really!?" I yelled back.
"Yep." He said.

I went into my room and changed again. I went into the hall and Harry was standing there smiling.

"What do you want? Dont throw me back in the pool." I said.
"Courtney wants to show you something, come here." He said walking me into the living room.

When we got in there, no one was there. I was wondering,

Where's Courtney?
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