Gotta Be You

I fell and landed right into the love of my life.


11. Chapter Eleven

I just sat there talking to Samuel for about an hour. Nikki was still out, so we decided to drag her outside to the house that the tour bus demolished and put her in the front yard. We ran/walked back to the house. Sam sat down on the couch and turned the T.V. onto Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and I went upstairs. 

*Samuel's P.O.V.*

Well, they all saw me kissing Nikki. It really hurt Courtney, I could see it in her eyes, but Harry stopped her from punching Nikki. But then he hit her with a lamp. I told him that she was hott and that's why I kissed her but that's not the reason at all. This morning I opened my door and Courtney's door was open. I went up to the door frame and guess what. I fell. But I got up then I saw it. She was kissing Louis. She told him not to speak of it but he doesn't have to now, well not to me anyway. I was so mad, so I thought I would make her suffer like I did. So I don't know if it's over or not. When Harry told me who he liked, it made me feel better, but he's NOT getting near her. And no it's not Nikki. I won't let him. Unless I can feel like I can trust him. If he does go out with her, he needs to take it slow. But I don't want her dating......Him.....Weird, yes, but I don't know if he's the right kind of guy for her. I hardly even know the guy. She doesn't know him either, well, she knows EVERYTHING about him. But there's a chance he will break her heart. OK, back to reality. I am watching Fantasy Factory, and it's the one with Justin Bieber almost killing Rob and Justin himself. That was funny......

*Alyx's P.O.V.*

What was Sam thinking!?!?! I mean, I love him to death but he...It just doesn't make any sense! Sam would never do that on purpose, there has to be a reason. So I called Courtney into my room. When she got in their I just asked,

"What happened?" 
"What do you mean?" She asked.
"I mean, what did you do to make Sam mad?" I asked.
"I don't kn- I know what it is! OMC, Sam" She said crying.
"Just tell me what happened. It might make you feel better." I said. She shook her head.
"Me and Louis promised we wouldn't tell ANYONE." She said still crying. I was wondering.....
"You and Louis huh? Just tell me, please." I said. She finally gave in.
"Fine, well Louis and I was talking to Nikki in the living room this morning....." She told me the whole story. The walk, the punching and fighting. And how Nikki kissed Sam, before they made out. I felt bad for her AND Sammy. It wasn't Courtney's fault, Louis kissed her, she didn't kiss him. But it was Sam's fault and I know why. I went downstairs hoping to find him, good thing, he was on the couch watching Fantasy Factory. I sat down beside him and sighed.

"What's wrong?" He asked.
"Courtney." I said.
"What did she say?" He asked.
"Everything." I replied.
"Everything?" He was confused.
"Yea, everything..Did you happen to see anything?" I asked.
"Yea...." He said.
"What?" I asked him.
"Louis......." He said.
"Louis and......." I said.
"Courtney........" He said.
"Doing what?" I asked.
"Kissing." He said. There was silence for about 2 minutes.
"I'm sorry Sam....It's over." I said.
"What?!" He said.
"Courtney's breaking up with you, I'm so sorry." I said.
"I get it." He said.
"You get it?" I said in confusion.
"Yea, she hurt me, and hurt her. It makes sense." He said.
"Aren't you sad or anything?" I asked him.
"Of course I am. It just makes sense for her to break up with me." He said.
"Why?" I asked.
"Because I kissed someone she hates, and that's still cheating on her." He said.
"But Lou kissed her." I said.
"What?" He said.
"Yea, he kissed her. She didn't kiss him." I said
"Really?" He said.
"Yeah..." I said. I got up and walked out of the room leaving Samuel alone. I got to my room and opened the door. Harry was sitting in front of the bed on the floor watching T.V. I sat down beside him. He was also watching Fantasy Factory. He looked at me.

"What?!" I asked.
"What happened?" He asked.
"Well......I can't really tell you." I said.
"Why not?" He asked.
"Courtney told me not to tell anyone but Sam." I said.
"Louis said the same to me about something." He said.
"Is it the same thing?" I asked suspicious. 
"I don't know, it's about Courtney and Louis." He said.
"So is mine." I said.
"Kissing." He said.
"OMC, she told me the same!" I yelled. Harry got up.
"Well...Awkward. So don't we have to go the the hospital for Niall?" He asked.
"Oh my carrots, I forgot all about him." I said.
"Me too until like 10 minutes ago, I'll go tell everyone else." He said.
"Okay, I'll get ready." I said. Awkward.
"Okay." He said and walked out of the room. I changed into a black sequined tank top with black jeans and black high heels, with black dangling earrings.

I went downstairs and went outside. I just stood there in the lawn looking around. I saw Nikki laying in the house right across us yard. I just laughed. But I stopped......When she got up.......


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