No time for love?

Kendall Grey is a 16 year old photographer. She goes to Cherrywood Highschool and every boy in school wants her for them selves. Her best friend Amber even knows it but Kendall don't even notice she is to focused on her caree or school. Liam Jones is an 18 year old highschool drop out. With her dad letting Liam live with them is unbelieve. Kendall doesn't even know him and yet finds him intriguing. He also has eyes on Kendall. But will it lead to any thing or will Kendall spend to much time on work? Or will they just be Friends with Benefits?


2. Kendall meet Liam

I woke up still feeling like something was gonna happen today agian. I rolled out of bed almost hitting my face on my bed side table. I got up and trotted to my bathroom. I'm so happy I have my own bathroom so i dont have to wait for my family to get out. I turned on the shower and got in. I love the feeling of warm water running across my skin. I put my green apple smelling shampoo and conditioner in my hair. I rubbed it into my scalp. I rinsed it out and washed my body with my strawberry scented soap. I probably smelled like a fruit salad. I thought back to the photos i took yesterday and realized I didn't send Chelsea the photos. I jumped out and dried myself off. I wrapped my self up with the towel and exited the bathroom. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of ripped jeans, a brown leather jacket, and a lace tank top including toiletries. I decided to let my hair air dry since it was naturally strianght.. I put them on and grabbed my labtop. I hooked my camera up and downloaded the photos to my computer. I sent Chelsea the pictures of her and Robert. I quickly got a reply 'thanx'. What was she waiting at the computer? I laughed. I hooked my printer to my labtop and unhooked my camera. I started printing them on photo paper. I hate what regular paper does to a picture. When all them were printed, i added yhem to my wall. I smiled at the one of Alyssa and Andrew and taped it on my wall. I had some of nature, couples, family, friends, school, and ect. I grabbed my camera and ran out my house when i was done. I ran to the park across from my house. I looked around and saw a group of deer. I crouched behind a bush and took a picture. And a couple more before they ran away. I walked around more and saw a adult couple having a picnic. I walked up to them being the totally unshy person I am. "Excuse me could i?" I motioned towards my camer. "Go on hun" the woman said. "Thanks" i crowched down and took a photo. I stood up and turned around to walk away. "Hold on one second" the man said, i turned around and saw him pull out a ring. I qiuckly snapped a photo. I zoomed in on her face and the ring. "Melissa will you marry me?" He asked her. She covered her mouth with her hand. I took another picture. She had tears in her eyes, and nodded "Yes of course". I took another picture. Yes, she said yes to him, i mentally fist pumped the air. They hugged another photo and then kissed another photo. "I love you, John" she said, he said the same to her. They had tears in their eyes, i took one last photo. They pulled apart and he put the rong on her finger. Just one more photo. "May I see the photos?" She asked, I nodded and walked towards them. I handed them my camera, smiles spread across thier faces. "Awww, your really good" they said, i thanked them. "Whats your name?" She asked. "Kendall Grey" i shook her hand. "Can we have your number for future reference?" I pulled my card out my camera bag and handed it to her. "Well i have to go but ill see you around" i said waving bye and they waved back. I took off running home i might have just gotten my first real photographer gig. I ran in my house and up my stairs. I walked to my room i heard someone in thier. I peeked the door open and slid in. I qiuetly set my camera on the table and observe who was in my room. He was looking at my photos. He looked about 17, 18. Tall, buff as hell and a bit of stubble. He had short black hair and deep blue eyes. I stopped my self realizing i was checking him out. I had never seen him in my life. "Who are you?" I said, he snapped his head to look at me. "You must be Kendall" he smirked, stepping closer to me. My instincts kicked in to protect myself. I hit him in the gut and put him in a head lock. Which he wiggled out of and pinned me to the ground. Not very hard enough to hurt me though "Your strong but not strong enough" he said holding my arms down. "I could say the same about you" i kneed him in the balls, i pushed him off me and i was about to hit him agian when my dad yelled. "Kendall Stop!" My dad stormed in my room. "Why? He freaken was gonna hit me ! He was in my room" i yelled back. "Yeah I told him too come in here and get you" my dad said, then he was thinking about what he said. "So you told him to come in here a beat me up" i smirked knowing he was confused. I looked back at the guy on the floor. I held out a hand for him to take. He took it and i pulled him up to his feet. "Kendall meet Liam. Liam you already know Kendall" my dad said. "Yeah. Damn your strong" liam smirked.I had noticed i still was holding his hand. I instantly let go of it "Yeah now out my room" i pointed to the door "wait why is he here?". My dad looked at me "He'll be living with us for a while" my jaw clenched. He left the room but Liam just stood there. "Maybe we can have some fun tonight" he whispered in my ear "Just lose the clothes". I scoffed and pushed him out my room. Wow, same as every boy in the world. But he was more douche-ish. I grabbed my phone and called Amber. "Hey gurlly" she said, I smiled a her bubbliness. "Hey how was the date?" I asked falling back on my bed. "Amazing! He was so sweet! He helped me get a strike!" She squealed then sighed "He kissed me". "Was it good?" I asked, I heard her giggle. "Yes" she seemed so happy. "How was your day so far?" I sighed and ran my hand over my face. "I got some really good picture of this couple and i got there just on time to because he proposed to her" Our conversation went on me not wanting to tell her about Liam just yet.

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