No time for love?

Kendall Grey is a 16 year old photographer. She goes to Cherrywood Highschool and every boy in school wants her for them selves. Her best friend Amber even knows it but Kendall don't even notice she is to focused on her caree or school. Liam Jones is an 18 year old highschool drop out. With her dad letting Liam live with them is unbelieve. Kendall doesn't even know him and yet finds him intriguing. He also has eyes on Kendall. But will it lead to any thing or will Kendall spend to much time on work? Or will they just be Friends with Benefits?


1. Ambers got a date

There was a different vibe in the air as I walked down the hall of my school. I felt like some thing was gonna happen today. I just don't know what, though. All the girls around me were chatting away or kissing thier boyfriends. Me on the other hand didn't need one, i was strong enough with out one. I think of boys as an anchor holding me down. So if I get a boyfriend it won't last, none of them do. Cause I apperently focus more on my career and school then I do the relationship. Well excuse me for actually thinking about my future. While all you think about is sex. As I was saying I have no time for relationships. I heard some one scream my name, I snapped out of my thoughts. I looked around and saw a little red head running towards me. She jumped into my arms "Hey Kendall" I set her back down. "Hey Amber" I said fixing my outfit. That was know crinkled from being pounced on. "Why you so happy?" I asked, taking her arm in mine walking down the hall. She had a big smile on her face "I have a date tonight" she squealed. "With who?" I shrieked trying not to be very loud. "You kbow that guy fron the football team James?" I thought about it. "The one with the JB hair cut and six pack" I asked, I have taken a couple of photos of the football team before and I never forget a face. She nodded rapidly, she seemed so Happy to be going on a date with him. "Where is he taking you?" we got to our lockers and opened them. I stuffed my books in side. Our lockers we're right beside eachother's, which was awesome 'cuase we're bestfriends for life. "Bowling" she sighed, I laughed. "Amber you suck at bowling. Why didn't you ask if you could go some where else?" I leaned against my locker. "I was...distracted" she said hesitantly. I raised my eyebrows "By what?". "I was kinda walking by the boys locker room and he saw me. He came out with only a towel on" she blushed "He asked me but all I saw was his abs". I shook my head and smiled at her. She closed her locker and looked at her phone "Lets go home" she said, slinging her purse over her shoulder. "I can't I have photography class right now" i sighed "but when I get home. I'll help you get ready". Maybe i did put to much time into my career. "What time will you be home?" She asked turning to look at me. "Around six, I'll call you when I get home" I hugged her and headed to class. I pulled out my camera and slinged it around my neck. My camera was freakin' huge and heavy as hell. I found the class and reached for the handle but got pulled back and pushed against a wall. "Oww, what the hell?" I asked, glaring at the person in front of me. "Hey babe" he put his hands on the side of my waist. "Uhhh don't call me babe. Who the hell are you?" I took his hands off my waist. What is his problem I don't know you, don't touch me. "I'm Brayden, captain of the Lacrosse team. I was wondering if you would go on a date with me?" He pulled me closer to him. Luckly my camera kept some space in between us "Hmm no. Don't touch me either" I pushed past him and walked to the door and pulled it open. I walked in but he grabbed my hand agian. Everyone was looking at me and him. He can't do anything now, I yanked my hand out of his grip. I sat at my desk on the back, everyone still staring at me. I rolled my eyes and set my camera on the desk, Mrs. Charles started speaking "Okay so for the next two weeks our subjet of photo is going to be love and couples". Excitement shot through my body, I love love and romance even though I don't have time for it. "You will start today, I have brought in a couple of students to help with the pictures" she motioned to the back of the class room. There was a row 2 rows of students about 20 in all. I already saw about 6 people I wanted to photograph. "Kendall you choose first" I got up and picked my six. Everyone else got there people "disperse" Mrs.charles said, i motioned for my group to follow me. We walked out to the court yard. There were a punch of rose bushes. "Okay Alyssa and Andrew come here" i said, I told andrew to stand there for a minute. I fixed Alyssa's clothes and hair. I put her hair in a long french braid over her shoulder. I pulled her agianst the fence and told andrew to stand in front of her. "Okay Alyssa put your arms around his neck. Rest your foreheads together. Beautiful" I took a pic "Now close your eyes and small smiles" I took another pic, i looked at them. Man I was good. Alyssa and Andrew looked at them "Beautiful, your really good" Alyssa said, Andrew gave me high five. "You can take your hair out now if you want Alyssa" she shook her head. "I like it" she walked back to the group with Andrew. "Mason and Emily come here" they walked over to me "Okay are you to alright with kissing?" They nodded "great, Em take you hair out". She took it out and shook it around. "Now Emily wrap you legs around Mason's waist. Good" I took a pic. "Now Mason lean in to the right. Em lean to the left amd gently kiss" I snapped a shot. "Now Mason sit on the ground, keep your legs around him. Now I need a deep kiss, put your hands in her hair" they did as they were told. I took multiple photos "I need Chelsea and Robert" Chelsea skipped over happily , i smiled at her "okay since Robert is like six foot an your 5' 5 maybe. I need you to stand on his feet on your tip toes" i told chelsea, Robert wrapped his arms around her waist "good" i took a picture, i moved his hands so they were on her bum "Is that okay with you Chelsea?" I asked, she nodded with huge smile on her face. I took another photo "lift her up, put your hands on the sides of his face. And give a loving look and just stare in eachothers eyes" They did I pulled Chelsea's dress out a bit so it would flow. I took another pic, so cute. The day went on like this for 3 hours , I got about 40 photo's. "Guys that was Fantastic. I'll se you guys on monday" i packed up my stuff and waved bye. Chelsea made her way over to me "Hey can you send me the pics of me and Robert. I really like them." I smiled at her and nodded. Awww, yay. Point 1 for Kendall. I walked to my car and threw my stuff in the back. I hoped in the front seat and took off home. When I got home Amber had been waiting on my porch. I grabbed my stuff and pulled her in side. We ran to my room and i hook up my crimper. I got out my make up bag and pulled Amber in my chair. I put eyeliner, mascara and did a natural eye. The green light on my crimper turned on. I took a piece of her hair and crimped from the mid section. She grabbed my camera and started looking at my photos. "Awww, is that Chelsea and Robert?" She asked. "Yeah Chelsea wants the pics. She said she really likes them but, i know she really like robert" I smirked, crimping the last piece of her long red hair "Finished" i spun her so she was looking in the mirror. Her jaw fell open "hold on one more thing" i grabbed two bobby pins and twisted her bangs, pulling them back. I stuck the bobby pins in her hair "now done". "Oh my god! I look beautiful" she gushed, i smirked. Amber never thought she was beautiful ever! She always thought she was ugly. Sure she got a football player as her date tonight and she's ugly. Okay, then I'm not good a taking photos. "Kendall, theres a boy at the door for Amber" my Mom yelled, Amber took one more look in the mirror and ran down stairs. I followed close behind her, she opened the door. James was standing there in a plaid shirt and some blue jeans. I could sence Amber almost went weak in the knee's. I chuckled a little bit, then remembered i should take a photo. I grabbed my phone and pushed James next to Amber "smile!". I took a pic, he had his arm wrapped around her waist. "Have fun, Amber" i gave her a hug "you better take care of her, James" I warned. "I will I promise" they walked to the car and took of towards the bowling alley. I was so Happy for Amber. I shut the door and headed for my room feeling extremely happy.



I got GLASSES!! :)

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