Those Dreamy Boys

He was my bestfriend , That boy named harry styles through school right to the start of boot camp on X factor. But no, the small people are always forgotton arn't they? the ones they helped you get to that point of the audition are fogotton. He once quoted 5 minutes before his audition "you are like family to me - Ohauna means family, family mean noody is left behind or forgotton."
Yeah , those words meant alot to you didnt they Styles?
I was forgotton and left behind.


3. Explaining and The boys

About 3 days later there was a knock on my front door.My parents were away on a year long buisness trip to the States. I was Home alone and none of my friends visited anymore since they were away with college and other things. i wondered who it was , i had no phone calls or visits from Harry or his friends. Its like he just went back to his fame again. That thought made me instantly queesy.

As i opened the front door, the Green eyed and Curly haired boy stood there in his coat and cream chinos.

"I need to talk about what happened over this last year and a half Jo" he said as calmly as he could without rushing his words.

"would you like to come in" I said as i collected myself and headed to the couch

"Uhm sure" he didnt hesiatate to come in and plonked himself onto the couch next to me.

I just stared at him for a while then he spoke up" Jo-Jo im really sorry that i ignored you for all of that time! I knew that i was going to be away for quite awhile and i thought it was for the best, to save you and i from the pain. The pain of you not bing able to see me and i didnt have to time anymore to call everyday and night , to make sure you were safe. I broke our promise and i know that if your mad at me i fully understand .uterly and completly! So im going to say sorry in advance for any mistakes i make in the furture , but noe that my career descion is made, i want you too meet the boys and come for dinner to at my place and we could have a slumber party like the old days?"

"harry , I never did hate you , i was just upset that you forgot me when you promised me you wouldnt! ever! and when the calls got less frequent i realised you had better things to do than tak to me! so dont worry about babe , ive got your back!" I said with a cheesy but real smile

And off we went to see those boys as i rushed him out the front door without locking it.

"so, Personalities of the boys ? what are they?" I asked , curiosity got the best of me!

"well You'll like Niall,He eats alot ,swears, Is innocent one of us in the girlfriend situation, great kid&Im setting you up with him!" Harry told me and sent a wink my way.

"Uhm you don't have to do that Harreh , and what about Louis, Your Mum told me he is a bit cheeky..i dont know how she knows..but yeah" I scurried nervously

"ha..ha..ha..well hes really out going and will probaly hug you straight out and kiss you on the cheek...He's special, he likes suspeneders and Toms`-like you do!" he exclaimed with joy

"hahaah! i can not express the love for Toms!" I joked back

"Zayns mysterious but loves a good joke, he also hates water and cannot swim like you and loved mirrors!" He smiled back at me

" FINALLY ! I told yo i would find someone with the same fear!" i screamed

"Hahah , i remember that......then we have Liam, Liam is like the dad of us all and don't mention anything abut Danielle , it's a touchy subject! But he is really kind and can have a good laugh too!" He told me keeping his eyes on the road.

"aah okay , so im guessing were here considering were coming to a stop?"

Yeah were here babe , Just ring the door bell 11 times" harry said

I nodded but just opened the front door and walked in singing "Hello guy , and you should really lock your door incase of fans!" 

They all looked at me like i was crazy hiding behind the kitchen counter.



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