Those Dreamy Boys

He was my bestfriend , That boy named harry styles through school right to the start of boot camp on X factor. But no, the small people are always forgotton arn't they? the ones they helped you get to that point of the audition are fogotton. He once quoted 5 minutes before his audition "you are like family to me - Ohauna means family, family mean noody is left behind or forgotton."
Yeah , those words meant alot to you didnt they Styles?
I was forgotton and left behind.


2. Broken promises along with Hearts

*18 Months later*

I finally moved on after The Harry Incident, He was my everything, I know we wern't together or anything but i wish we were and it still hurt to see him with the lady after the X facotr Caroline Flack....yes i did my reasearch..I still try and keep myself up too date with him because he stopped doing that for me.

He hurt me back but thats a reality in life i have to accept.I still see Anne most weekends and she tells me everything that he tells her, she says she talks about me but then he changes subjects in all. its like he is ashamed o be my friend. A small town girl from Chesire. yeah everyone forgets about me. Anne Tells harry to contact me and he says he will , but there is never no call or voice mails left bhind. His life is just a bunch of lies in my mind.

I was absentmindenly walking aorund town to the bakery when i hear screaimg girls............i run in the direction of the screams and soon realise when i arrie to turn around as soon as i see those curls bouncng my way and i run back the way i cam and so did Harry and his friends........

I turned into the bakery and hid myself along the shelves with Harry and his friends tagging along behind me now.As soon as thee screams died down i grabbed a pie and paid with al eyes on me . as soon as i paid i truned around giving Harry a final Glance with tears in my eyes and walked out with my head down.

"wait! Jo-Jo!" harry screamed out untill he reached me then he suddenyl grabbed my arms and i burst into tears and whimpered

"you promised Harry!" I said that over and over untill i got the guts to scream it out at him.

He looked taken back at first then his face showed guilt and pain.

"Why Harry! , why?" i whispered

"Im sorry , i should of been a better friend!" he told me

"How could you promise me then break the promise you made with me!, Your bestfriend!" I screamed through the tears

"wait harry , why didnt ou tell us you broke a promise?" a boy ask from behind harry.

"Lou, Not now, Ill explain later" harry spoke softly too him

"No Harry! Tell her what happened. Tell us what happened, you said she was just a fan! You didnt say you had history and promises made!" Louis yelled at harry

"I didnt mean too Lou , it started with judges houses when we didnt have alot of time anymore,i lost all contact with Jo-Jo in the end because Fame got to my head and i promised i wouldnt let it get that way, ever! And i broke that promise, i came to apologise. I should of made the effort Jo! But i didnt ! Im the worse friend ever! " He barely spoke the last bit and broke down into tears in the middle of the street.

"Ohauna means family, Family means no one is left behind or fogotton. Im pretty sure you forgot that didnt you Harry ,along with me and replaced them with your go and Fame. Come find me when you remember the day i told you to never leave me behind, and also bring the explanation!" I said as i truned away ans stormed down the street this time with no calls of my nickname.

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