The World That Has Ended

Marcie is a 17 year old girl with dreams. She wants be everything she can, and even after she loses the love of her life, she tries to carry on being her usual self. But after a while, she starts to get depressed, and with her depression she writes truly remarkable stories, ones about a girl who's world has ended. Will the story become a reality?

~Note- this is just the first part of the story, so I will update it as often as I can~


1. The Girl


I’ve never noticed it before. The moon, I mean. As winter approaches, the clouds that cover it shine and shimmer like there is hope left in this world, this world that has ended. All that remains in this cold, desolate place is a small building, and within that building a table and chair. But, there is something else that lives there too. Me. A small girl, with bright hazel eyes filled with dreams and hope. I want to get out of this world. I want to be set free, and live a normal life with a happy family, and somewhere I can call home.

My only companion is the moon. Each night I stare up at it, hoping it could give me a clue as to why I am here, and what my purpose is. For years, I have been living here, yet I would not call it home. Each day I go out to collect the junk scattered around this world, and still, each day the harsh light blinds me. I don’t know what to do with the junk I collect. There’s no one to sell it to, no one to give it to and no one who needs it. I have the silliest thoughts that maybe one day; I could build myself a friend from all this junk. Maybe then, I wouldn’t feel so alone.  And maybe if I do ever decide to build a friend, we could travel to a new world, a new world where we would belong.


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