The World That Has Ended

Marcie is a 17 year old girl with dreams. She wants be everything she can, and even after she loses the love of her life, she tries to carry on being her usual self. But after a while, she starts to get depressed, and with her depression she writes truly remarkable stories, ones about a girl who's world has ended. Will the story become a reality?

~Note- this is just the first part of the story, so I will update it as often as I can~


2. Marcie

I stood in the hallway as my Mom called out to me "Dinner's ready!" I'd only just walked through the door after Soccer practice, so I was shattered and muddy. I ran upstairs to get changed, and just as I opened the door and looked in my room, I saw a letter on my bed. I picked it up, and read what the front of it said:

To my darling Marcie

It was written in my boyfriend Tom's handwriting. I quickly opened up the letter, and read through it. I read it so fast that I didn't read half of it properly. I re-read, but much slower this time. It read: 

To my most amazing Marcie

By the time you read this, I may no longer be around. I know our relationship has been complicated, but we've always stuck by each other. And now, I've gone and broken that promise to you.

I was astonished by what I was reading in front of me, yet I still carried on.

As you know, my Mom and Dad work for a special 'company' that contracts trained assassins. They were both killed on a mission last week, and now my life is in great danger, or rather was. I know this is not how we were meant to part, but I never imagined it like this. But don't worry, we'll meet again someday, but first I want you to live a full and happy life with someone you love. 

Love your darling Tom xx

As I finished the letter I started screaming and crying. Surely this couldn't be true? I'd only saw him yesterday. I didn't want to let him go yet...

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