Broken is what he is. Broken is what he shall be. Liam Payne/Danielle Peazer.


1. Broken


: one-shot :


Broken is what I am now.

Broken is what I shall be.

She was lovely, wasn’t she?

Her brown curls, dark eyes, cocoa skin. She was lovely.

We had great times together. Two years running, eh? It was one of the best two years of my life.


We had fabulous picnics together. She would bring the food while I would bring the blanket. She would shoot a grape in my mouth and I would catch it. We would wait until the sun sets in the park, just to see the dark night sky gleam with the beautiful shimmering stars.

We would be sharing one blanket – cuddling. She would rest her head on my shoulder while my head rested on top of hers. I would whisper soothing words to her and she would smile at me with her pearly-white teeth and a sparkle on her eye.

She told me once and I would never forget it: “I feel so safe with you.” And with those words, my stomach started to have – what it felt like – butterflies.

My reply would have been a huge smile and I would have given her a hug. And sometimes she would allow me to kiss her for that special moment.


We would sometimes go out to carnivals; I didn’t like carnivals that much because of those very “vomit-able” rides like the roller coaster. But Danielle would pull me along and would call for Louis and Eleanor to have a double date. I didn’t really have the strength to say no to her. She was just so adorable.

In the end, I had regretted thinking that carnivals were not much fun. We absolutely had an amazing time there. Riding the roller coaster wasn’t half-bad; I didn’t vomit or anything but – Louis did!

It was absolutely amazing.

After that day, Louis and Eleanor told us how much fun they had with us and we told them the same. They told us that they wanted to have dinner – just the two of them. Danielle and I understood. They’ve been together for almost a year now and I’m very happy for the two.


The day came when the lads and I had to go on our world tour. It meant that I would be separated from Danielle for a while. Even though that I felt happy and sad at the same time, she told me to still go for it – she won’t stop me from living my dream. Wasn’t she the sweetest ever?

Even if we maintained a long distance relationship, it was starting to get more difficult than easy. First, there were the evil time zones, her working time (when I’m online and found the time to chat with her, she was at her job and vice-versa).

It was just so difficult to cope up with.

When the faithful day came when the world tour had finally taken a break and we were each given breaks – I decided to visit her.

I called and told her that she and I had to meet up to celebrate that we’re finally together again, she agreed.

We had a great night together. We had lots of fun. I just didn’t know that it was my last.

The tour was back on and my emotions of being happy and sad came back to me again. Meaning, I got to further live my dream but at the same time had to leave Danielle behind.

Time past and the tour had another break. I did what I had always done: I went back to Danielle. We had long days and nights of laughter and fun.

I had the best days again.

But the same vigorous cycle came and went. Danielle and I started to grow apart. We started to think that the relationship was difficult to handle because of our jobs and we’re always far apart. And I think we were starting to lose interest in each other.

And I regretted everything I thought about then.


So one day I wanted to end everything. It would benefit us both. And I’m sure Danielle would have thought of the same thing.

I decided to go to her house and clear everything up. I pushed the doorbell and it rang with its mild chime. I heard footsteps from the inside and guessed that it was Danielle.

She opened the door with a surprised look on her face and asked me why I was so early and I wasn’t usually an early bird either. I gave her a smile and told her I just had something to tell her. She nodded.

“Danielle, for the last two years I had the greatest ride of my life,” I started. “The boys and I got to live our dream was one of them and the second was…”

She stared at me with a quizzical face. “Was what, Liam?”

I cleared my throat and said, “And the second was… meeting you.”

She blushed. I loved how the pink-ish blush didn’t clash with the color of her skin. She was so beautiful. “Umm, I’m not really sure how to reply but… thank you.” She gave me a smile; a smile that I will surely miss.

“You’re welcome.” I really need to tell her now. It’s now or never. “Danielle?”

“Yes, Liam?”

“Danielle, I –“ I started to regret telling this to her. I don’t want to say this. This would ruin my life.

“Liam,” she said softly, putting her right hand on my left shoulder. “Just tell me. It would be alright.”

I exhaled. “Danielle, I think, it isn’t right for us to be seeing each other anymore.”

Her eyes started to widen from what I had said and I can see that her eyes are filled with sadness. What have I done?

“L-Liam, what—“

“I don’t think we should be seeing each other anymore. It would benefit us both. I know you’ve been feeling alone when I wasn’t here and so was I when you weren’t there. I don’t think both of us can take this torture anymore.” I exhaled a bit and continued. “Even though we had technology in our disposal, I still don’t think it’s the same being with you live. So I’m going to call us off.”

I am such a bad person. I can’t believe I did this to her. But it’s the right thing to do. To end the torture.

What did Danielle do, you ask? She just put her hand on her mouth, tears cascading down her cheeks. She slowly nodded at me and closed the door. I didn’t know it was the last time I would be seeing her.

Remember that Alan Carr interview? Yeah. Good they didn’t ask me about her or I would have had a breakdown right then and there. I shaved my hair off. Yes, it was for charity but there was another meaning to it. And I’m sure the answer is very obvious.

So now, I’m broken.

Broken is what I am now.

Broken is what I shall be.



Author's note: Hello, people! :) This is my first movella but I had experience in other websites already. So this fan fiction is mainly for the Payzer break-up. REMEMBER THIS IS FAN FICTION. I don't think all the happening in this story are real. :P So this is in Liam's POV if you didn't know.

Writing "Liam's POV" doesn't really interest me. So yeah. :P Hope you guys like it and can welcome me here. :)

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