Lauren Bennet, a rebellious teen, has hit the last straw with her parents 6 schools in one year. They decide to send her to military school, this makes Lauren worse, and there decisions could lead to something that could make Lauren known.


4. Unexpected visitor

I smiled at Mason, his ash gray hair swished sloppily over his  turquoise eyes. He smiled back, creasing his gorgeous bright eyes. He lent forward, about to kiss me when someone suddenly crashed into me, pimms flew everywhere, mostly landing on me. I gasped and jumped up from the stairs where we were sitting. The music vibrated through the rooms, the beat evapourating into my body. I refused the urge to dance, and pushed through people raving, Mason followed me yelling my name, I ignored him.

Marching my way through to the kitchen I shoved past two people kissing and got to the sink. I yanked open the cupboard and pulled out a tea cloth and started dabbing at my playsuit, making the already red stain even worse and making it soak in more.

"Crap..." I muttered to myself as the red stain began to lose moisture.

"Look let me get it," Mason toke the towel from my hands and dabbed at, placing it under the tap first to soak it, it slowly began to reduce in redness.

"Thanks.." I stuttered, he looked up into my green eyes. I melted a little inside. My heart began to flutter, he leant in, I leant in, just incheses away.

Ding dong. The sound echoed through the house, I ignored it.

Just centimetres away now.. millimetres, then I heard the key in the lock. I reeled back.

"What?" Mason looked at me, dissappointment in his eyes.

"The key, in the lock its - " My sentence was cut off as the music came to an abrupt hult. I heard the tapping of feet on the floor, the gasps of people.

"They were'nt meant to be back til tomorrow.."

"Who?!" Mason looked at me, a worried expression creeping into his eyes.

My mum walked in through the Kitchen door followed by my Dad. I hung my head and looked at the ground. I heard another pair of feet tapping along the ground, I did'nt look up, I'd suddenly taken a very big interest in my shoes, which were just plain pumps. Still intrested in my shoes, someone approached me and I found myself staring into a pair of polished black shoes and neatly pressedcuffs of a pair of trousers. Daring to look up, I was not expecting was I was faced with.


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