Lauren Bennet, a rebellious teen, has hit the last straw with her parents 6 schools in one year. They decide to send her to military school, this makes Lauren worse, and there decisions could lead to something that could make Lauren known.


5. Shocked.

My Mum ushered everyone out the house. I stayed sat in the kitchen, gloomy. Once my Mum had shoved the last slightly tipsy teenager out the door, she strode her way into in the Kitchen, dodging a puddle of mangled sick on her way through the door. My Dad sat perched on the work top, not looking me in the eye.

The vistor, sat on the chair. His back not slouching, his hat placed perfectly on his head, his medals, in pristine position. His eyes boared into me in  a serious. unpleasant manor. I altered my gaze to the window, as soon as my Mum walked in.

"Lauren, look at me." My mums words were harsh, cold, cruel. I twisted my head to face her, my Dad and the man visitor. " I'm seriously shocked Lauren, you not only get expelled this week, but you throw a house party, without my permission and containing alcohol." Her voice was low, she wasn't shouting, she was far beyond that point of anger, it was more a trembling whisper to stop herself from exploding.

"Look Mum, I'm sorry." I began to explain an excuse that had been forming in head these past few minutes I had to think.

"The thing is Lauren your not sorry! You just say it! You weren't sorry when you covered the head teachers office in loo roll at your last school! Or when you lobbed an apple at your teachers head, or when you snuck in a painted a message on the teachers board, you are'nt sorry, we've been here so many times Lauren, too many times! I've let you off too many times, too many times I've let you get away with stuff, I've tried everything Lauren! I'm at the last straw here, you said you'd change when you got expelled two schools ago, that never happened. How do you think I feel? Ringing up school after to school, to try and find you a place, none of them accept you now when they see your record, what about your future? Haven't me and your Father given you a good life, better than most, we got you stuff you wanted, though not to spoil you, you just through it back in our face. I've had enough of the phone calls from school, the police, the late night expeditions, the back chat, everything! Me and your Father decided, we are sending you to military school, no buts your going. You need this, its your last chance to try and get you back on track, rather than in a prison cell." My mum finished. I gulped trying to process the shocking lump of information I was given, I could'nt process it.

Military school? MILITARY SCHOOL? My brain was screaming, my friends, everything would all be gone. Who do they think they are sending me to military school? No-one I like will be there, I bet they'll all be pricks, to far stuck up there own arses. What would they do there? Be harsh, strict horrible? Then it clicked. The man sitting across from me at the table, was someone from the military school, the medals the neatness, he was an army sergeants. My heart speed up, my eyes dared to lock with his, he looked at me with an inquisitive stare.

"You leave tomorrow, your flights at half 9 in the morning, there's a time difference over there." My Mum whispered before, grabbing her sponge and beginning to clean up.

"Over where?" The words choked out of my mouth.

"Australia." The vistor finally spoke, he had an australian accent, that might explain why he is so tanned. I ignored him, even more shocked then before. Not only our they sending me to military school, but they expect me to attend it in Australia. Outraged, I scraped back my chair and skulked into my bedroom. I flung myself on my bed, tears clawing at my eyes. Minutes later I heard the door opening, something was placed in my room, it was my suitcase. I stared at it bleary eyed for ten minutes, before mustering up the effort to start packing, taking my eight pairs of highwaisted shorts from my cupboard I began to pack, trying not to soak my clothes with the salty washed tears trickling slowly down my face, soaking into my olive toned skin.

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