Lauren Bennet, a rebellious teen, has hit the last straw with her parents 6 schools in one year. They decide to send her to military school, this makes Lauren worse, and there decisions could lead to something that could make Lauren known.


1. Pink pool.

I flattened my back against the wall, my breath curled into clouds above my head. I edged my way along the wall, crouched low. My hand reached out to the drain pipe, it felt cold in my grasp. I placed my other hand round the pipe. I took a deep breath. I jumped attaching my legs to the pipe, it shuddered. I winced. Waiting for the alarm to go off. Nothing.

Pushing the thoughts aside of getting caught, I began to shimmy my way up the drain pipe, it slipped against my sweaty palms. I was about half the way up when I lost my grip, my legs lost friction, one side of the pipe snapped away from the wall, my feet dangled aimlessly in the air with no control. I fumbled around my feet kicking against the stone attempting to wedge my petite feet into the creaveses on the wall. My heart fluttered as visions of me falling down falshed before my eyes, eventually after what seemed like a thousand atangonized minutes my feet wrapped around the pipe, I began to climb again. My breathing was heavy, if I didn't set off the alarm with my clumsy antics, I most surely will with the sound of my breathing.

I got to the top a minute later, feeling the gutter beneath my hands I hitched my self up, the fear of the gutter snapping was the least of my worries as I began to crawl like a slug against the sloping roof. Moss rubbed against my hoodie as I slunk my way across. Once I got to the end I stuck my head over the side of the roof. My brown blonde hair flicked in front of my face, with frustration I pushed it away.

When the hair was out my face, and my breathing was back to some what normal, I stuck my head over the side again. Jack pot. There was the window. Left half open, just as I wanted. I took a strong hold of the roof and dangled down. Not really thinking about the consequences if I fell, overcomed by the adrenaline rush. My feet found the edge easily enough. Using my knee I knudged the window so it swung side ways leaving me just enough room to slide through. Taking a breath I swung in, I was falling, I couldn't stop myself. I splattered against the floor, my heart bursting out of my chest.

I lay there. I wasn't hurt, no. Or scared. Just winded. I'd made it, no alarm. I pushed myself to stand up. I turned around. The lights were off, a gloomy glow mingled over the water. I smirked, triumphant. I just imagined the face of Mrs Reno the next morning. I felt for my bag which was worryingly open. My heart stopped for a second. I can't have lost the die. God no. I reached into the back, and sighed, my fingers slide against a bottle. I yanked it out, twisting off the lid. I smiled. I began to run around the pool, emptying the pink die everywhere, it stained the swimming pool floor, the pool water, everything. I could'nt resist it, I reached into the store cupboard and selected everything red, to match the colour of the water, red woggles, red rings, red floats. I chucked them into the crimson water. I walked back to the window looking up at it. There was a hole in my plan. And that was it.

How was I meant to get up to the window? I looked around. Mrs Reno's desk? I hastily made my way over to the desk and dragged it to the wall under the window. Climbing onto the desk I jumped into the air grabbing for the ledge, I missed by an inch. I tried again, and again, and again. Finally giving up. I jumped off the desk and went into the store cupboard, all they had left was a stack of floats.

Floats are not easy to balance on, I found this out first hand. I balanced one legged on the floats, holding onto the ledge. I used my free leg to place up against the wall, pushing with forced I began to dangle off the ledge of the window. As I'd jumped the float tower had toppled over leaving me with just the wall to place my feet. I hauled my self up so my tummy was now resting on the ledge, almost there I told myself. With alot of wiggling I found myself sitting on the ledge, the cold air burned my skin, it was a change to the heavy humid heat inside the school swimming pool. I balanced myself on the window reaching for the gutter, it sunk under my weight, making me shiver. Ignoring the scary movement of the gutter I yanked myself onto the roof, repeating the same sequence as before until I reached the pipe. I looked down, it was a big mistake. I grimaced before letting myself fall onto the pipe and wrapping my legs once again around the pipe like a Koala.

I slowly made my way down, I got to half away again, where the  bottom half of the pipe had fallen away from the wall. I had no other choice, before I had second thoughts, I let go of the pipe letting myself fall, on my way down my foot clicked against something glass, ten seconds later when I lay on the ground a seering ringing sound erupted into my ear lobe. The alarm, was the first thought that popped into my mind. I gasped. Shit. I scrambled up, a shooting pain throbbed in my ankle, I ignored it, I ran.

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