Lauren Bennet, a rebellious teen, has hit the last straw with her parents 6 schools in one year. They decide to send her to military school, this makes Lauren worse, and there decisions could lead to something that could make Lauren known.


3. Bad Idea..

Consequences, I should of thought about it before I went and pressed the Send Invitation button...It was the night after the policeman entered the house when Mum and Dad, barely looking me in the eye, told me they were going away for a night. They left it at that, they've hardly spoken to me since. I don't even get a good morning.

They left Friday, they didn't glance my way as they left, they just slammed the door. Its been nothing but silence for the last few days. Blank looks, sad faces, grunts as anawers. I tried to have a conversation with them, I almost began to have one with my Dad about his Surgery. The Maxillo Facial unit. He's a specialist, in facial traumas, burns, everything. He was telling me about this girl, Melissa, she was about 13.She'd been running one night and fallen into a tree stump. When I heard this I stiffled a giggle, a tree stump, a TREE stump. Dad ignored my shallowness, and carried on, she'd been to him a month ago with this red mark under her eye, and a lump that was not going. He'd told her to massage it and it should eventually go, even if it was painful at first. But then she came back, it had yellow under the redness, and she'd been on six courses of infection tablets. He decided to operate, even after Ct scans, ultra scans and x-rays, my Dad whilst operating found a 1 cm piece of wood in this girls face. Dad was about to carry on when my Mum cleared her throat directing her eyes at me then a him, my Dad suddenly shut up.

As soon as they left I ran downstairs and launched myself onto the sofa. I switched on the Tv, and flipped the lid of my laptop up, me and Jonah faced me. Jonah was my Best Friend. Some people say boys and girls can't be best friends, I disagree. Thoroughly. As I logged onto my facebook, I began to think of the cruel treatement my Mum and Dad have given these past few days, without thinking I typed it. And Clicked post.

'Party my house tonight, everyone be there, gunna be sick!'

I smirked. They know what I'm like, suprised they trusted me with the house for a night, 16 year old, alone for the night, best recipe for a party. I suddenly stopped my smirking and began to think. What was I gunna wear? I began to panic, its my party and I have nothing to wear, amazing. I ran upstairs, rummaging through my wardrobe before pulling out a playsuit. A black zip covered the front, it was a pale pink colour with the exception of white and red intricate flowers printed onto the fabric, it was ruffled all around the bottom, and could have been mistaken for a dress.Pulling out my draw I grabbed a pair of fish net tights, I smirked, before laying it all out on my bed and going down stairs to check for food.

It was half six, I hopped out the shower, the warm water trickling down my legs and back, curling into little droplets. I let my brown streaked naturally blonde hair dry on its own, it fell down to my rib cage if I bought it round to the front my long side fringe melting in with my hair. I outlined my eyes in a simple black rim, and added a few lashes of mascara, deciding to leave my skin clear of foundation. I placed the plug for my hair straightners into the plug socket. Whilst waiting for them to heat, I slipped into a strapless bra and knickers then slidding into my playsuit and zipping it up at the front. I then spent time straighting my hair, making sure I got rid of every annoying flick which curled upwards at the end. With a bit of time to spare, I flipped up the lid of my laptop, and logged onto my facebook, 3 notifications, smiling I read the comments on my status, the word got out, I thought, however it was interupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Rushing downstairs, I flicked on the music, with it pulsing through the house I clicked open the door, a hurd of people rushed in. Time to party.


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