Lauren Bennet, a rebellious teen, has hit the last straw with her parents 6 schools in one year. They decide to send her to military school, this makes Lauren worse, and there decisions could lead to something that could make Lauren known.


6. Australia.

I pushed my head back against the leather chair. The soft rumble of the  airplane jet shook through my bones. I sighed. Looking to the left at the old man sitting next to me. His grey hair fell across his face, his mouth was placed ajar and a snore erupted from his nose. I downed the rest of my appletiser, the taste lingered on my tongue. The man snored again. Ugh i thought.

I sat for half an hour, reading a book, slowly realising my desperate pining for the toliet. The man was still asleep, I have to wee I thought,I might wet myself otherwise. I smiled nervously at the thought. Climbing onto my seat i crouched, thinking up a plan. I put one of my hands on the back of my chair and the other hand on the back of the chair in front. I swung across, hoping to land in the aile, obviously not with my skills. My foot caught on the mans arms, it stopped my jump. My legs plumetted onto the mans lap whilst my other body half lay on the ladies lap on the oppisted aile. I was stuck between the aile, lying flat, like a bridge.


The air hostess made her way down. The old man was in shock, the lady to. I slowly, with the help of the air hostess, slunk my way out of the awkward position. The man was cursing, walking in shame I crept my way to the toliet, doing a very satisfying pee. I spent ages in the loo, not caring about the queue behind me. I re-did my hair, and made myself look presentable before sheepishly walking back to my seat on the plane. Unsuprisingly, the air hostess approached me asking me please if i could move seats. I gathered up my stuff and she moved me to a seat on my own: much more comfortable. I fell into a sleep, as the plane crept towards Australia.

I was being shaken, as I opened my eyes i found myself staring into the air hostess's once again.

"We're just about to land, thought i should warn you." The air hostess smiled her pristine smile.

"Thanks." I said,  gathering up my things. Twenty minutes later, the man from the speaker announced that we should all exit the plane. I stood up, putting my indie aztec rucksack over one shoulder. I stepped out of the plane. I took a breath. The heat evaporated into my skin, the sun boared into my eyes, I put down my sunglasses over my eyes. I was perpared for the heat, stepping off the plane in a pair of shorts and a army print tube top, showing  off my falt stomach. I thought it went quite well with the military theme and everything.

Walking down the metal stairs off the plane, I walked along the baked runway ground towards the lugauge terminal. Once I arrived at the lugauge area I shoved my way to the front waiting for my red suitcase to come round the corner. I waited ten minutes, watching suitcase after suitcase roll past me. Eventually I saw mine, I lent to grab it at the exact time a woman was grabbing hers right in front of me. I grabbed into the air as the suitcase inched away from me. I'd have to wait ages for it to roll around again, I climbed onto the treadmil like thing, jumping over suitcases to get to mine. Security ran to me, I ignored there shouts grabbing my suitcase just in time, before elegantly jumping off the mil. The Security guards dragged me away, demanding who I was with.

"Someones meant to be picking me up." I said confidently.

"Who?" The Australian guard drawled.

" Erm a sergeant?" I said, raising my eyebrows.

"Are you being sarcastic?" The man questioned angrily.

" No, a sergeant from the military school is meant to be picking me up." Defiantly I stepped back.

"Well, let us escort you to the pick up area." The security guard teased, grabbing my arm and dragging me along with the suitcase. I huffed and was muttering to myself as he pulled me along before we suddenly came to a hult.

I blinked. Blinded by a man in a pristine army outfit, a frown pulling his face down.

" Are you looking for a young girl?" The security guard addressed the man in a military uniform. I already knew the answer, he was the man coming to collect me to take me to the military school.

"Lauren Beckett?" The man in the military suit enquired. I coughed. "And, why is she with you security officer?" He enquired again, his voice oozing shock.

"We had a little mishap, but I'm sure Miss Beckett is sorry for it now, eh?" The security guard joked, trying to impress the military man. The security guard let go of my arm and jogged back to his place by the exit.

"Welcome to Australia, you shall call me sir as all the other sergeants, you shall only speak when addressed and also you need to get out of that, you'll get your new outfit when we get back to campus." He barked.

"What? But, I'm not wearing anything other than what I bought with me, and Sir? seriously? sir? You expect me to call you sir, I don't even know you." I argued.

"I don't care what you think, in my opinion your just an isolent girl from England. You abide by my rules, or there will be consequences." He barked again. The end line made me think of what my mum had said to me, why did she send me out here?

"Welcome to Australia Lauren." I muttered to myself as I flung open the door to a solid four wheel drive. Welcome to australia.

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