One Chance

Amelia is a insecure girl who finds it hard to make friends and feel excepted. When she gets through to the nations most prestigious talent contest; and has to share a floor with several other gorgeous outgoing girls. She immediately trys to fit in, which surprisingly proves an easy task, given her outstanding talent. But are the girls just using her? Has she spent too much time worrying about belonging, and not enough time focusing on winning? Will she get her priorities straight before its too late?
first chapter out now!


1. I couldn't actually say they were comfortable, but they hopefully looked good...

I regrettably woke up, my eyes sticky, and my body slow from sleep. Checking the time, I realised it had only just gone 5:00am, and wondered why my body was so eager to awake. I stumbled out into the hallway in search of the bathroom, simultaneously wondering if any of the other contestants were up.

I hoped that at least Jen would be, so that I could ask her what song she had chosen to perform; and discuss whether she thought mine was any better than hers. Not that I really cared about her song choice - but it was somewhat comforting to talk to someone who, from what I could see, wasn't all that self-absorbed. Jen was the closest thing I had to a friend in this place; the others either shut everyone out, and spent their nights perfecting high notes, at the very top of their eight octave ranges. Or thought themselves too good, to talk to the likes of me. Jen was just as focused on her music as the shutter-outters, but at least she seemed quite kind natured, if a little annoying at times.

After I'd tackled my hair, by somehow managing to tame my frizzy curls into what I hoped looked an ok-ish top knot - which seemed to be the latest rage within these walls. I hastily stepped into the shower, wondering why the usual cue of self absorbed girls, wanting to start their beauty regime early; hadn't already formed outside the door... The hot water came as a shock to my exposed skin, it didn’t help that yesterdays attempt at a subtle sun tan had resulted in startlingly pink, over burnt skin. The water stung; sending jolts of unwelcome pain through my spine. But It was the good kind, I liked the feeling of being in control - I liked being able to resist the urge to wince like the baby they accused me of being.  The sensation didn’t last much more than 10 minutes. Once I got used to the taps and found what I felt was a bearable temperature, I immediately felt my body relax. It was as if all my insecurities seeped down into the drain, along with the supposable dirt on my skin; there, they would hopefully remain.

When I eventually emerged from the now over-steamed bathroom, I didn’t feel as self-assured. Nonetheless, I began searching my suitcase in vain; for something that would show the other girls that I was at least capable of acting like someone who knew she was a confident, beautiful, talented contestant. I mean, I knew I was just as talented as the rest of them – maybe even a little more than some. I could even manage the confident bit… It was just the, beautiful part that let me down. After a solid 10 minutes of contemplating this, as well as another 5 of staring up at the peeling ceiling; I had settled on a tight black top, and an equally tight pair of jeans. I couldn't exactly say they were comfortable, but I hopefully looked good, hopefully.

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