Life As A Baby

This Is 'Life As A Baby' its about Baby Lux, if you want to be in the story comment your details below~ eye color, hair color, name :)~
in this story its just about what could happen in Baby Lux's life! i really hope you guys like it! xxxxx


3. YAY Pre~School And A new friend (5 months later)

Today was my first day of pre~school, i was very excited, 

"Uncle Harry, who is dropping me off today" I Asked as i came down the stairs (i can now talk full scentences but they still sound a little baby) "We will all take you including your mummy" said Uncle Niall "ohkay well we better go i dont wanna be late!" I said walking over to the door, 

~~~~~~~~~ AT PRE SCHOOL~~~~~~~~~~~~!

"Bye Bubba" said Abby she walked me in because i wanted her to 

"Hello Lux, Im your teacher, come meet the class" Said my teacher Mrs. Cobb

"Okay Class, This Is Lux, She Will Be Joining us, Sarah would you like to show her around?" Asked Mrs. Cobb, Sarah came up to me "Hey Im Sarah, But you can call me Sarah~bear" Said Sarah "Im Lux But you can call me Luxy~Bear, My uncles gave me the nickname" sarah laughed, she showed me around then helped me set up all my stuff, bye now it was time for lunch. We ate our food, Sarah Had A Chicken Tender Wrap and i had a Fruit Salad But we swaped because we liked what each other had, after we had finshed eating we decided to play hide-and-seek with everyone else, i was hiding with sarah in her secret hiding spot, im the only one who knows where it is, after and hour the bell went but we didnt go in, then our Mrs. Cobb came over to us and told us that we hah won we went inside and then we played duck-duck-goose and then it was home-time "Hey Luxy~Bear" Called Sarah "Yes Sarah~Bear" I replyed walking over to her "bestfriends??" Asked Sarah "More Like BFFLS" I screamed

(we both know everything like LOL, WTF, DILLIGAF and things like that)


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