Life As A Baby

This Is 'Life As A Baby' its about Baby Lux, if you want to be in the story comment your details below~ eye color, hair color, name :)~
in this story its just about what could happen in Baby Lux's life! i really hope you guys like it! xxxxx


2. Why Uncle Lou?

"UNCLE LOU" I Sceamed 2 him :) he wash in his rom so i went up 2 se him but i do no lyke wat i sen

i wawked in lyke i aways do but mee sen Uncle Lou kishing girl who wash nawt Eleanor! "Uncle Lou! What About Aunt Eleanor!" I Sceamed he loked up and sen mee and the girl sen mee 2, "Lux, What Are You Doing walking in with out knockin" Asked Uncle Lou, "i neva knok" I said, "um Louis who is that ugly fucking baby" whisper de girl "What?!?!" yelled Uncle Lou said standin up. "What The Thing Is ugly!" Say de gurl, i start to cry and i stumble (i can nawt run cozh i cawnt wawk popley) run out of de rom i fall over and juz sit der, i den hear Uncle Lou and de Gurl who he wash wid, "What The Fuck Did You Say About that Baby!" Screamed Lou " I Said She Is ugly!" Sceamed de Gurl, i start cry eden more "no Aria, she is the most beautiful human in the world! she is like a little sister to me! and By the way your the one who is ugly now get the fuck out and never come back, dont text me, dont call me, lose my number and anyway to contact me now GO" Sceamed Uncle Lou. "Oh Whatever!" Sceamed Aria (i dink dats her nayme) Aria waked out 2 de hall and say "Ew, What are you doing any where near me you ugly fucking slutty reatard" Said Aria "I fel over and i culd nawt geawt hewp" i say Aria den kicked me and picked me up den she dropped me down de stairs it hurts lots and lots "I bet that hurt even more ya slutty retard" said Aria and started walking off but she den stod on me wid her hih heels! i sceamed and started crying eden more, Uncle Lou was already standing at de top of de stairs he ran down and sceamed "Aria What The fuck! i am so going to the police for child abuse!" .

"oh yea right you wouldnt dare" said Aria

"To late" said Lou "I have already called them!

"You ass hole!" she sceamed and slapped him! 

she den piked mee up bye da feet and tok me to de top of stairs and dropped me down again, she then started kiking me arund and dats when the powice walked in and saw her, they put  dose metal fings around her wists and took her away 

"come on Lux, lets go to the hospital" Said Uncle Lou

Oh my gosh who is this Aria girl who attacked our Baby Lux! :O why was Louis kissing her?!?! the other question is ! WHO COULD THIK LUX IS UGLY! SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL EVER!!!!!

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