Life As A Baby

This Is 'Life As A Baby' its about Baby Lux, if you want to be in the story comment your details below~ eye color, hair color, name :)~
in this story its just about what could happen in Baby Lux's life! i really hope you guys like it! xxxxx


5. Sarah NO!

Me, Sarah And Leni Were Waiting For Uncle Hazza, He Arrived and we decided to walk across the road to met him but something bad, Sarah ran back to say good bye to Charlie she then ran back over the road without looking but there was a car "Sarah!" Me and Leni screamed at the same time. Sarah could not move the car was only a few centi meters away "SARAH NO!" I Screamed, but i was to late the car hit her


Sarahs P.O.V!

All i remember is the pain and lux, leni and Harry running the i black out

Luxs P.O.V

It has been 3 hours and i still cant go and see Sarah, why did it have to be Sarah why not one of the other kids! why my bestfriend! why not Charlie or Bailey! i know that sounds mean but ergh whatever. 

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