Life As A Baby

This Is 'Life As A Baby' its about Baby Lux, if you want to be in the story comment your details below~ eye color, hair color, name :)~
in this story its just about what could happen in Baby Lux's life! i really hope you guys like it! xxxxx


4. New Student :) AKA New Best Friend xoxo

"hello everyone this is Leni, she will be entering our class, Lux And Sarah Would you like to show her around and help her out" Said Mrs. Cobb, we both walked over to Leni "Hey Im Lux, But everyone calls me Luxy~Bear" I Said "Hey, Im Sarah But Everyone calls me Sare~Bear" Said Sarah "Oh hey, im Leni, and i dont have a nickname like that" Said Leni "You do know Leni~Bear" Said Sarah, We showed her around and helped her set up then we went and had lunch, we finished eating and decided to play Tiggy with everyone,  Me, Sarah and Leni did not get it because we were the fastest in our grade 





~~~~~~~There is Gonna Be A Lot More Of Sarah And Leni! Trust me~~~~~~~~~

oxoxox keepp reading!

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