The Utterly Hopeless life of Dylan Blue

Dylan Blue has had her fair share of being a nobody, when the summer holidays come she decides to make a popularity plan that will change her life for the better. But is being 'popular' really what it seems? read the book to find out!


2. The surprise

Ok, I’ve only got 4 weeks and 4 days until school starts. Hopefully that gives me enough time to transform into a gorgeous confident super cool teenage girl. Instead of... well, me.

It cant be that hard can it? I mean I know all the steps, I was even desperate enough to check out all the ‘wiki hows’ on how to be liked and stuff like that. So why cant I just change already?


I'll have to write down some steps, to ease the whole transforming process... Maybe I could make little tasks for myself like: start up a conversation with the boy a few doors away from me, or... make a shopping list for everything I’m going to need-

“Dylan! Why when I call you, you just ignore me? You know, Judy across the road's daughter is so well behaved! When Judy calls her she literally runs to her like a-"

“Yeah, all right mum! If you like Lucy so much why don’t you just adopt her or something? plus, the other day you wouldn’t stop talking about how annoying Judy is, so why do you keep talking to her?" I interrupted, whilst simultaneously running down the stairs.

"She’s... Its not that I don’t... Well, I don’t really like her, But she invited me to her birthday party next week. God knows why... And well, she’s not really that bad. I guess." By the time she was finishing her sentence, I was already down-stairs, ready to eat my breakfast. When I saw him, a beautiful tan covering his creamy skin, and his hazelnut eyes staring right at me followed with a kind of... half grin. It was Toby. The boy id had a humongous crush on since the first day of year seven. What the hell was he doing here!?
 God I wasn’t even sure he knew I existed at all, even though I’m in four of his classes. And, OH MY GOD! Look at me! I hadn’t even bothered to tease my frizzy curls into a bun, or change out of my PJs!

“Dylan. Hi" Toby started awkwardly, the smile thankfully still plastered on his face.

“Um, I can see your probably wondering I’m doing here, it’s just... Um, you see, last Friday when you were off school, we were assigned partners and... I’m your partner. Tasmin said she would tell you about it and that it would be ok to come round today and get started on The Victorians"

WOW! is this the best day of my life or is this: THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! ...actually, i guess you could say its the worst day ever, because  I’m standing here like some lost puppy with messy hair and all, in front of the boy I’m 99.9%sure I want to marry.

“Did you say the Victorians?" I manage to stutter. I realise that I probably look as dazed as I feel, so I put on a smile to reassure him. I can’t believe Tasmin just 'forgot' to tell me this! How could she do this to me? I’ll have to call her later...

“Yeah, I guess Tasmin didn’t tell you then? Doesn’t matter, I'll explain it all later... Do you wanna’ maybe wash up and stuff, and I can wait here for you? If that’s ok with your mum, of course," He said looking at my mum now as if he had broke one of her china plates. (Great, he had noticed how hideous I looked.)

"Oh know of course not sweetie! You can wait in the living room if you want, I can bring you some juice, or tea, or milk, or whatever... you can have anything you like!" Mum replied. Gosh! She was gazing at Toby as if she was just as in love with him as I was. And that was just... weird. Couldn’t have that.

“Mum! He’s not five you know! People my age don’t drink milk anyway." I said, giving mum what I hoped was a warning look. I immediately turned back around to face Toby to reassure him that I wasn’t annoyed at him. But he was just chuckling to himself as if mum and I were the stars of hilarious sick-com. I didn’t like that, but at least he wasn’t upset with me.

“It’s seriously alright misses B, water will be fine if you have it,” Toby said, still smirking.

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