Just a Game

The 72th Hunger Games. It's definitively not happy. But may the odds be ever in your favour. I'm an only child, my parents are poor. We have nothing, but each other. But that's all I needed, that's all I wanted. But... But now, I'll disappear from existence and memory. Let the Games Begin.


2. Silence

Everything went blank. My mind, my eyes, my touch. I couldn't except the choice I had made. But I cannot back out, it was too late. And that would be nothing but cruel to that girl. To give her the hope that maybe she didn't have to enter the Arena, that she would live to see another year. But then shove her back in with the murderous teenagers that would kill her just to have her out of the way. That image pierced my mind and inked down to my heart. It brought me back to this harsh reality that I must endure, where I must play by the rules in this game. But that's all it is, a game. And for what? Nothing. Exactly my point.


The train barely moved or shook, but yet I felt like everything was spinning. I didn't wish to speak to anyone, I wanted to keep to myself, that way I don't get attached to anyone before I die. Even if it was my mentor or stylist, they will have to do so without my voice. It was then I felt something next to me move. It was my escort. The high privileged, flashy, rich twat that is paid to send me to my death. I didn't say a word, and just simply left the room, just leaving an echoed silence bouncing off the walls. I had no intention of letting anyone gain any trust from me, or to learn to trust anyone. That way, my life will continue as I hope.


I might be shaking in fear of entering the Arena, but I'm kind of excited. I'll die in there, that is a sure thing. But going in there makes me a part of history. And volunteering for a stranger makes my record even more unique. I don't want to just another person that is killed in there. I want to be something different, not just another piece in their game. Cause at the end of the day, it's just to entertain the Capitol. Nothing else. So if they want entertainment, I'll give it to them. Just not what they expect...

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