I Felt Safe, I Felt At Home.

Alice Adkins has just turned 18. She still lives with her mother, and her dog Maisie. The world has just moved on from a apocalyptic disaster which had massive effect on both the world and it's inhabitants. People died, people lost loved ones. Alice was 10 at the time - and she saw her father die. Right in front of her - she was oblivious of one thing until now. She has searched for so long but the realisation has just become clear - the person who killed her dad, was trying to kill her instead... Alice is out to get revenge, in a story of twists, emotion and bitterness, will she survive to tell the tale?


1. I Felt Safe, I Felt At Home...

I still remember that day.  As much as I want to, I can't forget it. The wind whistling through the broken windows of broken houses to our sides. The sound of things crashing to the ground. The wreckage of the blown up car behind us. I still remember the mangled bodies on the floor, unrecognisable from the scars they had endured. It was horrific, at 10 years old, I would have expected myself to be scared as hell, but I wasn't, I was fine.

But most of all, I remember him. Him being my father.  He was tall, and stocky, he had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, I wanted to gaze into them forever. We walked down the street that day, hand in hand, his clasp was soft and gentle, in the midst of this tragedy that the world had befallen, I felt safe - I felt at home. I clearly remember stopping about halfway, where he knelt down, and looked at me. He smiled, and said "You're going to be alright, trust me."

In the next ten seconds, he was gone forever...

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