I Felt Safe, I Felt At Home.

Alice Adkins has just turned 18. She still lives with her mother, and her dog Maisie. The world has just moved on from a apocalyptic disaster which had massive effect on both the world and it's inhabitants. People died, people lost loved ones. Alice was 10 at the time - and she saw her father die. Right in front of her - she was oblivious of one thing until now. She has searched for so long but the realisation has just become clear - the person who killed her dad, was trying to kill her instead...

Alice is out to get revenge, in a story of twists, emotion and bitterness, will she survive to tell the tale?


3. 3.

I woke.

The park was still there. I was still there. It was day again, nothing had changed. I raised my head, it felt like someone was punching me repetitively in the face, beautiful feeling, I know. Blood started trickling down my forehead, I caught it on my finger and placed it to the source, I winced as the cut stung. I gritted my teeth and sat up. My ankle was bruised but I managed to lift myself up and stand,my arm hurt, must have landed awkwardly. I stood tere for a moment, legs shoulder width apart, and examined my surroundings. I completed a 360 motion, all was the same.

But for one thing.

ONE thing was different.

My head hurt too much to think. All of a sudden, something in my hand came to my attention, a lead. Then it hit me. Maisie.

My eyes shot over to where she ran, a cloud like blob was in the distance, I fixated my eyes, it wasn't a cloud, it was a dog.

I ran as fast as possible, my ankle hurt but I didn't care, my head wanted me to stop, I wasn't giving in. I reached her and slid on my knees like a football player celebrating a goal. She was motionless. Her white fur was still beautifully clear, but her underside was red, blood. I stroked her head.

"Maisie? Come on Maisie, wake up, don't be silly!" I tried to give myself hope - but within me I knew the truth. She was gone.

"No Maisie, you can't, you can't do this!" I sobbed, tears streaming down my face faster than a river.

"SOMEBODY HELP! Pl..." My voice croaked, I was crying too much too speak. My cries were unheard no-one came running. I was alone. I layed and put my face into her fur and breathed, my only friend - gone forever. I layed there for ages. No sense of time, I wanted to be there for eternity - I couldn't. I knew it was time to leave her. I kissed her fur and her cloud like head and walked away, not looking back.

My face turned stern, I was determined. I reached the iron gate that separated me from the field and the real world. I looked up at the sky, then across the roads, then up the streets, then forward.


Just a man in a suit facing me - his eyes raged in anger. He ws laughing though.

I wasn't scared, I spoke to myself and looked at the floor:

"I'm coming to get you. I know who you are, what you've done. I've guessed it for years - today it was confirmed. You know when? When you killed my only friend. And you know what, I've finally realised what I have the power to do. It was you. You and no-one else. You wanted me, but you couldn't get me at such a young age, you went for him, didn't you?"

I looked up and faced forward.

"You killed my father."


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