I Felt Safe, I Felt At Home.

Alice Adkins has just turned 18. She still lives with her mother, and her dog Maisie. The world has just moved on from a apocalyptic disaster which had massive effect on both the world and it's inhabitants. People died, people lost loved ones. Alice was 10 at the time - and she saw her father die. Right in front of her - she was oblivious of one thing until now. She has searched for so long but the realisation has just become clear - the person who killed her dad, was trying to kill her instead...

Alice is out to get revenge, in a story of twists, emotion and bitterness, will she survive to tell the tale?


2. 2.

It was a dark, but pleasantly warm August day. The leaves on trees had turned from a bright, summery green to a typical autumn brown. The sun made them gleam though, it was beautiful. I trundled through the park with my hands firmly in my pockets. I smiled to myself as my dog, Maisie, ran back to me with the sodden stick soaked with her saliva for me to throw again. I threw it in a westerly direction, towards a cordoned off cricket pitch. Maisie ran off, her white fur glittered, making her look like a sheep as she got further and further away. Like a big fluffy cloud running at quite a pace. She was gorgeous - she was mine. She had been my saviour, she was the one person, okay, one dog I could turn to and she'd always cheer me up. I'd speak to her about my troubles, knowing she couldn't tell anyone, apart from other dogs. She'd look at me in a confused way though, like she couldn't understand anything I was saying. I didn't mind if she couldn't, she was my only friend. Sounds sad, but it is true. 

Suddenly a bark brought me back from my daydream. It was a panic bark - Maisie was in trouble. My eyes shot over to her, the stick was abandoned next to her, her eyes, her beautiful eyes fixated on a black cloud hanging over the bushes, it was getting ever closer - fast.

"Maisie! Get back!" I shouted and started to run. As fast as I could towards her. She looked at me with a baby face, she was scared, I was scared. She stood frozen to the spot - too terrified to move. I was edging closer. All of a sudden the house next to Maisie collapsed, the black cloud covered us. I heard a distant bark - then silence. A massive boom threw me back, and I landed on the dry ground, clutching my head.  My vision blurred, my hearing went.  Then, the world went black.


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