Swirling Pain

It started with one girl. Then it expanded. Then everyone was against me.
It was too painful...


3. Happy P.E., Ramona.

"Ellie Pearson?"
"Here, miss."
"Alisha Stratsford?"
"She's not here!" Yelled someone.
"Ramona Bolton?"

Giggles erupted from the cluster of girls waiting outside of the changing room. 
"Who the hell is that?" One of them gasped inbetween giggles.

A friendly bouncy girl named Rachel (who has been asked to show me around), nudged me in the side.

I could feel the hot firey sensation tingling my cheeks.

Clearing my throat, I mumbled, "Here...miss."

Continuing to laugh, the girls stumbled into the changing room, whispering and laughing on their way.

"The first day is always the worst." Says Miss Ford.

"Hmm." What was I supposed to say? It's not as if she knew everything that went on at my old school. I unbuttoned my shirt and fished in my P.E. bag to find my green polo shirt. The horror of the realisation hit me before I could say 'Oh no.' I tipped the contents of my bag onto the floor and searched for my polo shirt.

It's not there.

"Uh... Miss Ford...?"

"Ramona? Will you please hurry up and get changed? Just because you're new here, doesn't give you the right to prevent people from learning."

"No, miss. I just... I don't have my polo shirt..."

Ellie Pearson (at least I think it's Ellie Pearson) gasped and slowly, a huge, mischevious grin crept on her over made-up face. She turned and whispered something to one of her cronies and they gasped and giggled. What are they laughing at?

"Ok then, you'll just have to do Gymnastics in your bra and shorts." 

The last five words confirmed my inevitable and embarrassing fate. At first, I didn't think I heard her correctly. That's why I asked her to repeat herself.

"I SAID, you have to do it in your bra and shorts."

My jaw dropped wide open.

"...What? You CAN'T be serious!"
"Ooh, ickle Ramona has finally found her voice!" Said Ellie with a smirk.

"Oh do be quiet, Ellie Pearson. And Ramona, I am very serious. If you aren't prepared to bring in the correct uniform or equipment, you must pay the consequences. I don't care if it's your first day, I have never let that stop me from treating all of my girls the exact same."
Wow. What. A. Bitch.

I was speechless. This evil middle-aged P.E.teacher was going to make me do GYMNASTICS in my bra, in front of a group of girls that clearly do not like me?

Cruel, just cruel.


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