Swirling Pain

It started with one girl. Then it expanded. Then everyone was against me.
It was too painful...


2. Happy Monday, Ramona.

I perch on the end of my bed and strum the ukulele strings with the backs of my fingernails. The beautiful sound flows through my veins and makes me feel alive. Mum pokes her head around the door.
"Why are you playing your ukulele? You need to get ready. I've got to get to work early and I want to drop you off on your first day at this new school."

"Right." I say, jumping up off my bed. I fold my arms, I'm still in my bra and my mother doesn't understand why I'm bashful in nude. I know why...

I wriggle into my school shirt and tuck it into my stupid bottle green pleated skirt and put my dark green cardigan on. After I've combed the knots out of my hair, I put on my watch and knee length black socks and walk into the bathroom. Once I've brushed my teeth, I splash some water on my face and look into the mirror.

Today, I think to myself. Today might not be as bad as it was at that other school.

I trudge down the stairs and shove my feet into my horrible sandals and throw my rucksack onto my shoulder. "Mum!" I yell. "I'm ready!" I quickly shove my paperback of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' into my rucksack and zip it up, just as mum appears in the hallway.

"Let's go." She says.
"Percy, I trust you to get to school on your own!" She shouts up the stairs before we slam out of the house.
In the car, I stare out of the window at the schoolgirls waiting at the bus stop, giggling at some boy stood at the other side. Rolling my eyes at them, I turn the radio on. Capital FM. As I listen to Adam O'neill babbling stupid nonsense about pointless topics, my mum turns to me and says, "So, I'll meet you outside of Tesco Express at half two, right?"
Oh, we've arrived at school. Joy.
"Ok," I say, clambering out of the car.

"Ok, love you."

"Love you, bye."

And as mum drives away, beeping the horn and waving (she does this every day), up ahead I see him. As I jog towards Sam, a thought comes into my head.

I can't believe mum left Percy by himself to get ready. He's 16, he's probably going to jerk off or play video games all day.

Well, that's not my problem. My problem is facing Period 1, P.E., and wondering whether or not the same thing is going to happen to me that happened to me at my old school. The problem that forced me to move school in the first place.

I hope not.

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