Swirling Pain

It started with one girl. Then it expanded. Then everyone was against me.
It was too painful...


1. Happy Birthday, Ramona.

Bright white sunlight pours through the gap between my curtains. Rubbing my eyes, I reluctantly prop myself up on one elbow. Sundays are heavenly. I can hear faint singing coming from downstairs.

'Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Ramona! Happy birthday to youuuu!'

I grin to myself and jump out of bed, excitedly. I stumble as quickly as I can down the stairs in my Spongebob NerdyPants pyjamas and burst into our retro 1970's kitchen. Sat around the table is my mother, whose wild orange hair is scraped back into a messy bun, and my brother, Percy, who for once looks remotely happy. Planted in the middle of the table is a big birthday cake with plain sponge and a layer of jam and buttercream in the middle. On top, white ice has been splatted all over and candles of every colour you can imagine are sticking out at odd angles from the cake, dancing flames flickering on top of them. In elaborate handwriting the words, 'Happy birthday Ramona' are written on in green icing.

"It looks great!" I say, a wild grin fixed on my face.

"It took long enough." Grumbled Percy.

I stick my finger into the icing and wipe it on the tip of Percy's nose and suck the remains off of my index finger.

"Hey!" He exclaimed, laughing.

"Presents!" Mum sings.

I dart into the living room, Percy close behind. I guess we're both eager to see what I've got this year.

I dive onto the pile of presents in the corner of the room. By pile I mean 4 presents from mum, 1 present from Percy and another from Grandma. I pick up Grandma's first, fingering the purple silk ribbon tied carefully around the pink wrapping paper. I carefully edge my finger underneath the paper and unwrap the present. Inside a cardboard box, there sits a big green wooly jumper, with a darker green wool weaved in with the light green wool.

"How...exotic." I try.

My mum bites her lip. "Best ring her up later and thank her for it, she did try, I suppose..."

I erupt into bundles of laughter, Mum joins in.

"Shhh!" She giggles, as though Grandma is spying on us, listening.

I get a bright orange notebook with pink and green swirls on it, a Samsung Galaxy SII, a brand new hoodie and a make-up set from my mother.

"Thank you so much, Mum." I whisper, hugging her tight.

One final present from Percy. A black thong? A book about Pornography? These are presents I have ever-so-thoughtfully recieved from him before.

Not expecting much, I tear off the plain blue wrapping paper and gasp, holding the box in my hands. On the box it shows a mint green Ukulele with blue strings.

"For real?" I yell.

I pull the bag out of the box and unzip it. As shown on the box, inside the bag is the beautiful Ukulele. I can barely say a word.

"Yep, for real." He says, carelessly.

"But what? H-how?" I stutter.

"Saved up. The rude presents were getting a little old and I knew how much you wanted a Ukulele, so yeah."

"Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh my god, thank you!" I scream.

"Now, who wants some cake?" Says Mum.

"I do!" Says a voice from behind my mum.

From behind her, steps out my best friend, Sam, flicking his brown fringe out of his eyes.

"Happy Birthday Ramona!"






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