Could He Really Be The One?

Emma is 19 years old. She lives in Australia and has always wanted to live in England with her Best-friend, Sarah. But when Emma finally gets there, will things just fall into place and have romance or will things go terribly wrong? This is my first fanfic so please no hate. :)


14. Who Are You?

Louis' POV:

She had a deep cut on her collarbone. It scared me, I was hoping she hadn't already lost too much blood. I love her. I don't want her die. Soon the doctor came out of her room. "Can we go in?" Liam asked worriedly. "Yes, but she is in a coma. She can hear what you say, just can't respond." He said smiling before walking away. I rushed to her room, and walked up to her bed. There she was, stitches on her neck leading to her collarbone where she was stabbed. A single tear escaped my eye. Seeing her like this scared me. She was wearing the necklace I had bought her, it was a locket with a picture of me and her when we first met. Took a quick picture of us at Starbucks, that day. Then I remembered, I owe her a new iPod for that crack. I'll do that later but for now I just want to be with her. "I love you Emma, but please just open your beautiful eyes. Please.." I said crying softly and kissed her hand. I got up to tell the boys and Liam took my spot beside her and held her hand. "Please, wake up. Not just for Lou, but for me too." Liam looked around and when he see us leave he turned back to Emma. "Emma, I-I love you."

Emma's POV:

I heard a voice, a nice kind and gentle voice. He said he loved me.
I tried to open my eyes. Nothing. Again, still nothing. I felt someone holding my hand, so I squeezed it. IT WORKED! " Guys, she squeezed my hand! " I heard someone say. "I'll get a doctor!" I heard another guy say. I opened my eyes and there, a really cute guy was there holding onto my hand, he had red puffy eyes like he had been crying. He stood up with excitement. "Emma!" He yelled, happily. " Emma? Who's Emma?" The doctor came in and started to talk. "It looks like she has lost her memory." He came closer to me and said, "Hi, I'm your doctor and you are in a hospital right now. Your name is Emma, you were stabbed and then these five boys helped you." "Who are they?" The all had sad faces, especially the boy with brown hair and blue eyes. "I'm Louis, your fiancé." He said with a few tears going down his face. He was m-my fiancé? But how? Sure he was cute and sweet, but I- I thought he was my best friend or something.. But I guess I was wrong. "I'm Liam." Said the boy with brown hair, the one who was holding my hand, he was who I expected to be my boyfriend. "I'm Harry." The boy with brown, curly hair with emerald green eyes said. "I'm Niall." He was cute. Well they all were, really.. He had a cute irish accent and dyed blonde hair, You could tell he was a brunette originally. Then the boy with black, jet hair finally spoke. "I'm Zayn." His name was hot, and so was he. But I liked Liam. Even if I did loose my memory it feels like I has known forever, and I probably have. "Do any of you actually have girlfriends? or..?" I said, curious. "I used to date this girl called Danielle but we broke up a couple of days ago. I still miss her. But I need to move on." Yes! he wasn't taken! He could be mine! But he has just broken up with his girlfriend. That I sad about.. "I don't." Harry said winking at me. I just laughed and so did he. "I do. Her name's Perrie." I smiled at Zayn, at least I'm pretty sure that's Zayn from when they introduced themselves. "I used to go out with a girl named Eleanor, but then she cheated on me and then I met a lovely girl, She was beautiful and I wanted her to mine. So one day we went walking on the beach, and I proposed to her and she said yes, And that girl, is you." I was shocked but he did tell me he was my fiancé but I was still shocked. "B-but.. If you don't want to be anymore, that's fine I would understand. But I would always miss you. No matter who else I have, I'll still miss you." He said with tears in his eyes. I got up and gave him a hug. No matter how much it hurts. He hugged back and started to cry into my shoulder. "I'm sorry." is all that I was able to say.

**A/N: Next chapter is going to come out soon. I will be trying to write it and publish it as soon as I can, because I am writing another fanfiction, that is coming out soon called Forever Mine. Thanks foor reading! xx Sharni (:**
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