Could He Really Be The One?

Emma is 19 years old. She lives in Australia and has always wanted to live in England with her Best-friend, Sarah. But when Emma finally gets there, will things just fall into place and have romance or will things go terribly wrong? This is my first fanfic so please no hate. :)


10. This is life

**1 month after the incident and after the tour.**

Emma's POV:

"Hey, Babe." Louis said to me. "Hey." "I was just wondering if you wanted to go for a walk on our private beach?" "Yes." I said and kissed him quickly. I missed him. It was most probably the longest tour he has ever gone on. We walked down on the beach and suddenly he got down on one knee. What was he doing?

Louis' POV:

I got down on one knee. "Emma May Davids, I love you, and even though we have had our ups and downs. I remember when we first met, When I stayed with you the whole night at that hospital singing you songs, until you went to sleep. I remember bumping into you when I was texting, and it was my fault but I was glad it happened or I never would have met you, again. But now, is most probably the best thing in the world. That's why I only have one question to show you how much I truly love you. Will you marry me?" She looked shocked when I pulled out the ring, I had bought it a couple of months ago. I thought she was going to say no and break up with me. "Yes. Yes I will marry you, Louis William Tomlinson!!" She was so happy and so was I. I turned around and there were paparazzi everywhere snapping pictures of us. I didn't mind, all I cared about was Emma.

Emma's POV:

When we walked back to the house it was silent but not an awkward silent. I went to the toilet and saw a packet of pregnancy tests, so I decided to see if I was pregnant. I opened up the packet and tried it out. I waited for a while to see it. It came up positive. How was I going to tell Louis? Would he hate me? Would he be happy? To be honest I was actually hoping it to a be a positive, I wanted to have my own child with him. I walked out and said, "Louis, I... I.. I'm pregnant." I said to him with a smile of hope. Hope that he will be happy. His jaw dropped, but it suddenly turned into a smile. "A..Are you sure?" "Yes." I said showing him the test. He smiled happily. I walked over to the bin and threw it away, then I felt two hands around my waist. I turned around and looked at Louis, "We have an ultra sound check-up we need to go to today." "When?" He smiled and hugged me. "2:30." "That is in 10 minutes!" "Calm down, Boo Bear. It is just around the block, lets go." "Ok." He whispered into my ear and I shivered a bit because he made me feel like that when he does that.


Louis's POV:

"Alright, It looks like it's a boy." I was happy when I heard it was a boy and so was Emma. "It also looks like your 3 months pregnant." She added on, she showed us the picture of the baby. "So, you are free to go now if you wish." She smiled at us and walked out of the room. "What do you want to call him?" I asked her. "What about Blake Andrew Tomlinson?" I smiled. "Yeah. Sounds good." I said and kissed her cheek, softly. "I love you, babe." "I love you too." We walked out and went into the waiting room, there was Harry, Liam, Dani, Perrie, Zayn, Niall, El and Sarah. "CONGRATULATIONS!!" They all yelled at the same time. "It's a boy." I said. "We are happy for you guys, and don't forget we love you." Dani said with a smile obviously meaning as a friend. "I can't believe you are engaged, having a baby and it only took a couple of months." Perrie said smiling. We all laughed.
"Congratulations, really. I am happy for the both of you and I hope it all turns out good for you." El said hugging us both, and she actually did mean it. Liam and the rest of the boys just hugged us and wished us the best of luck, nothing to special really.
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