Could He Really Be The One?

Emma is 19 years old. She lives in Australia and has always wanted to live in England with her Best-friend, Sarah. But when Emma finally gets there, will things just fall into place and have romance or will things go terribly wrong? This is my first fanfic so please no hate. :)


2. The plane ride

Emma's P.O.V:

I smiled when the lady said they were boarding everyone to Doncaster, I looked at Sarah, and then she looked at me with a dumb smile on face just like mine. I giggled and stood up to get in the front of the line as Sarah stood right next to me. We showed them our tickets and go to our seats and, of course, Sarah go the window seat so I was stuck on the isle seat. I plugged in my ear phones and started to listen to the T.V on the back of the seat in front of me. The captain did his usual talk then the airline attendants do their usual safety stuff and the plane begins to move and depart. I watch a movie on the T.V called 'Life As We Know It' I was up to the part where they were cooking the brownies and watch the wiggles, when Sarah asks me " What are watching?" "Oh, Life as we know it. What are watching?" "The notebook" "OMG!! I love that movie!!" I was going to watch that after this one but it took to long and we only had 5 minutes before landing. So I just sat talking to Sarah about what we're going to do when we get there. We had some pretty good plans. When we finally got out of the plane grabbed our bags, went in the taxi and drove the way to our apartment. We finally got out and went into our new house, our new furniture was much better than our old ones. "I'm going out for a run, Sarah!" I yell because she is upstairs unpacking. "Ok!" She yells back "Call me if you get lost!" "Fine!" I yell back before making way out of 'our new house' to the streets. I start to run and I pick my iPod out of my pocket and pick a song to play. I was running and bumped into a guy who was texting. "Sorry, I should have been looking where I was going." "No, it was my fault" I said looking up to see his face. Oh My God! It was Louis Tomlinson, I had bumped into Louis FREAKING Tomlinson!! "Oh, uhh. Well I'm Emma but everyone calls me Em." Lie, no one but Sarah calls me Em. "Ok, well I'm Louis" "Yeah I kinda figured because well your in one direction." He laughed "Do you want to get a coffee from Starbucks or something? I mean to make it up to, well for that." He said pointing to the crack on my screen "Yeah, ok" we started walking down to Starbucks "What can I get you?" The girl asks us. "I'll have a white mocha, please." She scribbles it down then looks at Louis. "And I'll have a cappuccino please." She scribbles it down and walks away to get our drinks. Two girls come up to our table "OMG! Your Louis Tomlinson from One Direction!! Can we get your autograph!?" Louis chuckles a bit and signs their posters and they walk away. "So..." I say trying to start a conversation but I don't know what to say. "You know you don't actually seem to be starstruck or freaking out because I'm from one direction, your just talking to me like I'm a normal guy." "That's because you are a normal guy." I said laughing with him. "Oh, it's been an hour, my friend is probably wondering where I am and she probably thinks I have been kidnapped or something." He laughs a bit at this and so do I. "Can I...I..umm get your number?" "Yeah but won't your girlfriend get jealous?" "Oh, haven't you been on twitter?" "Uhh no." I get my phone out and open up twitter. Right there on the news feed its trending and everything, a picture of Eleanor kissing another guy and on the comments it says From@EleanorJCalder:@Louis_Tomlinson, yea..we're done. "Oh My God! Louis I'm soooo sorry." I quickly write down my number and give it to him on a napkin. "Text me if you need someone to talk to." "Thanks Emma." "Well, I better go" "Bye." "Bye" I say smiling at him.
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