Could He Really Be The One?

Emma is 19 years old. She lives in Australia and has always wanted to live in England with her Best-friend, Sarah. But when Emma finally gets there, will things just fall into place and have romance or will things go terribly wrong? This is my first fanfic so please no hate. :)


3. At his house

Sarah's P.O.V:

I wonder where she could be. I hope she hasn't already have gotten kidnapped! I heard the door open and rushed to it. "Emma!! Where have you been?!" "Well I sorta met this guy.." "OMG!! TELL ME EVERYTHING!! First, what is his name?" "Well, first of all you will never believe me." "I promise I will believe you just TELL ME!!" She said with a massive smile on her face. "Louis Tomlinson" I mumbled barely audible at all. "What?" "Louis Tomlinson" I almost yelled with excitement and happiness.. "OMG!! Did you get his number??" "Yes"

Emma's P.O.V:

she was shocked with this news then there was a ding from my phone. I looked at it and read my text :

'From: Louis :) Hey Emma, I was just wondering if you and your friend would like to come down to my house to meet the boys? x'

'To: Louis :) Yea we would love to, what time? x'

'From: Louis :) How about 8:00? x'

'To: Louis :) Ok see you then x'

"Sarah, we are going to Louis' house at 8:00." "OMG!! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GOONG TO HIS HOUSE!! Ate the other boys coming as well?" "Yes, Yes.."
She was hyperventilating over the news and I weird enough I wasn't even though we were going to meet the rest of the boys and we are to Louis' house! But it felt like going to a friends house, well I guess it sort of is.. "Sarah how about you have a shower and get ready, so you can have some time to calm down, ok?" "Alright." I wasn't going to dress up, I might put on black wedges but I was not going to dress up. I put on my black high-waisted shorts and a pink tank top and tucked it in to show off my shorts. I put on a real black leather jacket and put on some mascara, not much just enough to show off my eyes. A touch of foundation and blush, and some golden eye shadow. And only a bit of lip gloss and lipstick. I look at myself in the long mirror and see the shorts look a bit 'easy', I change them to light pink skinny jeans. It actually looks good now. Sarah comes down in a purple dress with a fat brown belt, mascara,foundation,blush and lipstick, black stilettos and hair was up in a bun, it was 7:30. Shit! I forgot about my hair! I quickly straightens my straw blonde hair, and put it up into a high pony tail. Ok now I am ready. I was excited to see him because I had just sort of developed a crush on him even it has only been a day, I just don't think he likes me in that way, maybe as a friend but most likely only as a friend, but I don't know. I guess I have to see where this takes us.
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