Could He Really Be The One?

Emma is 19 years old. She lives in Australia and has always wanted to live in England with her Best-friend, Sarah. But when Emma finally gets there, will things just fall into place and have romance or will things go terribly wrong? This is my first fanfic so please no hate. :)


1. This was the day

Emily's P.O.V:

Beep, beep. Beep,beep. I groan and look at the time, I hate waking up early. I turn my alarm clock off and go to the bathroom to have my shower. I turn on the hot water and put a bit of cold on too, to make it more relaxing. As soon as I finished untangling my strawberry blonde hair, I run my fingers down my hair to make sure all of the knots are gone. I wash my hair with lavender shampoo, rinse it out and add just a little bit of conditioner. I quickly rinse off the conditioner and wash the rest of me. I turn off the shower and reach for a towel. I put the towel around me and quickly dry off, I pick out some simple dark blue skinny jeans and plain, clingy white top over my white bra because it is a bit see-through. I dry off my hair with my blow dryer and turn it off as soon as I think it is dry enough. I then put on my favorite black wedges and add just a touch of make-up and go downstairs to see my best friend Sarah already up and ready, Sarah is my closest friend and I have known her since pre-school and we share an apartment together when we finished school. We have been planning a trip for over a year now to go to England, and today was the day. "Hey Sarah." I said while I made myself a bowl of cereal. "Morning, Em." She always calls me Em, because when I met her I said Emma but all she was Em. She knows my full name now, of course, but she likes to call me Em. There was only one other person who called me Em, and that was my mum, but passed away when I was 15 so I was just living with my dad for a while until I finished school and lived with Sarah. "You excited?" Sarah asked interrupting my thoughts. "Yeah, how about you?" "Well you know we're only going to England." She said sarcastically and we both just laughed. "So what time are we going again?" I asked her because I forgot. "Well its 8:30am now so that gives us two hours, but we have to get to the airport at 9:30 so really one hour!" She said smiling like an idiot but I couldn't really talk cos I was too. "Can we go now?" I whined to Sarah. "Yea, I guess so, it takes at least an hour to get there so may as well." We both smiled and I called a taxi to take there. "Alright the taxi driver said he will her in 10 minutes, enough time to grab our suitcases." We had already packed them last night. The taxi arrived as soon as we brought our bags down onto the doorstep outside. We got in and Sarah told him "Straight to the airport, Please" he nodded and was on his way.

**An hour later**

Sarah's P.O.V:

We handed our bags to the front counter so now we were just left with our handbags. "Everyone to Doncaster, England. Please make your way to terminal 26." The lady spoke through the microphone. "Lets go!!" I said very excitedly running towards terminal 26, I stopped and looked behind me and saw Emma running trying to catch up to me. "Geez, Sarah. Calm down." She said with huge smile on her face. "Why are you so happy?" She smiled and said "Coz I'm gonna beat you there!" She said laughing before running off. "No your not!!" I yelled. I finally got up to Terminal 26 and there she was smiling at me with victory in her eyes. "Haha, well done, Em." "Why thank you" she trying to act all 'posh'. I shook my head and smiled and sat down on the chair next to her. " Now boarding everyone to Doncaster, England." The same lady spoke in her microphone. I looked at Emma and she smiling non stop and so was I
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