One of the Boys

There's a girl called London and her Friend Paris they live in London UK(I know it's ironic)
She's always been called one of the boys she didn't care until her girly girl friend gives Her a Makeover and all the other girls start bullying her worser them before.


2. Meeting the boys.:)

While your on the bus your friend Paris keeps talk about one direction and that there going to Be in London this tyres to take a interest by when you would buy something one direction you usually brought video games.when you arrive at school there's a big group of girls that always bully you but today the teachers wanted you and Paris to come to the office when you get there there's five boys talking to your teacher.You friend starts holding your hand if tighter and start smirking like a idiot.Thats when they walked out of the office all the sudden Paris catch and sit her down while while you say hey....…
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