Last First Kiss (1D fanfic)

On their way to a 1D show, Lea and Sasha , two best friends, have a car accident. Sasha survives with almost no damage, but Lea ... Lea stays with amnesia . What is going to make her remember at all ? Sasha has an idea that could change her lfe. Maybe a show ...


1. Who I Am .

URGENT NOTE!!!: Hey , If you already did read the resume , it's not ON THEIR WAY to the show! It's LEAVING THE SHOW. Thanks and have a good reading :)


Hey . Im ... Okay .

Hey , Im Lea Hopkins. Im 17 , 12th Grade. Im from Wolverhampton. I live with my two older brothers and my parents. I love them , but sometimes they can really get me CRAZY. I have a Best Friend , Sasha . She's confident, honest, funny... About me: Im funny , nice, honest ...And the most shy person in the whole world. Moving on . YOU WONT BELIEVE BUT IM GOING TO A 1D SHOW ! With Sasha , of course. Now, I have to go !




Hello everyone ! So I know this is a really short chapter, but is only the beginning. Please read!! BTW, sorry if you see some error...Actualy , im Portuguese :)



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