Last First Kiss (1D fanfic)

On their way to a 1D show, Lea and Sasha , two best friends, have a car accident. Sasha survives with almost no damage, but Lea ... Lea stays with amnesia . What is going to make her remember at all ? Sasha has an idea that could change her lfe. Maybe a show ...


3. The prize its ours!

"YOU GIRLS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON" he said with this big smile.

We had no reaction. "So..are we going to meet 1D?", I asked in a really low volume.

"yes!" he said awkardly. "you girls should be happy."

We started to scream like we were crazy! "There you have the golden tickets", he said. The man left but we were still screaming. This was the beggining of something really good!

It was show time! The gates were open but we were not worried about our seats! Right in the first line, middle seats.

"A good place to see our husbands, honey" I said to Sasha , and we started to let go little screams. We could see the jealousy of other girls .

"WHAT'S UP WOLVERHAMPTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON ????!!" someone screamed. We could tell by his voice. OMG, it was Liam Payne. The boys arrived to the stage, and the building now was almost exploding of so many screamings!

They sang every songs!! We were dancing and singing, and I acctually cried of so many joy. The boys that light up my world were in front of me, and I was going to meet them.

When the show was about to end, something happened. "WE ALL LOVED TONIGHT! BUT WE STILL HAVE TO SHOW YOU GIRLS THE WINNERS OF THE GOLDEN TICKET!!", Zayn said.

"NO. No, no, no . OMG OMG OMG" , Sasha said, with the serious and 'you've got to be kidding me' face. I did the same.

"Lea Tomlinson and Sasha Parks" , he said .

"OMG WE !!!!!!!!!!!! RSTUJXKSNSHDSNIA JESUS GOOD LORD" we said. They laughed and we laughed too.

"Come up here!", Harry yelled with a smile. We got in the stage red as a tomato. It was the best feeling in the world! " Sit here with us!" Niall said. They were in  the famous couch. Sitting there made our little butts the most lucky ones! They sang one more song and the show was over.

"Good night, it was awesome!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!" , the guys said to close the show. All of us got into the backstage.

"HEY GORGEOUS LADIES!" , they all said. "We're kinda 'dirty' so we're going to change, okay? Wanna come with us?" Harry asked.

I was about to say no. The might feel embarrassed..."WE WOULD LOVE TO!", sasha said. "Come on Lea, you only have one chance to see One Direction shirtless right by your side once in a lifetime!" She whispered to my ear.

I laughed and we both followed the guys fangirling.

The guys were now changed and after the autograph session, we went to this comfortable room.

"Heeeey!" the guys said friendly.


"So you girls liked the show?"

"We just loved it! You're pretty much hot live!"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , hilarious!!!"

"Just sayin' the truth , you know. You guys are really nice!"

"Thanks, you know we're just trying to make connections with the fans"

"It's working, you're not that type of artists that feel like they're the best!"(Sasha)

"Yep, but anyways you guys are the best so ..."(Me)

"AHJAHAHAHAAH stop it!!", Zayn said.

"I dont know about you guys...BUT IM STARVING!" , Niall said.

"OBVIOUSLY!" me and Zayn said in chorus. We both blushed.

"Do you girls want to go to Starbucks ... ?" Louis asked.

"I'd rather McDonnald's btw..."I said almost to myself.

Everyone laughed and I got really red.

"You blush that much?" Zayn asked .

"Yes, im really shy..." , i answered quickly.

"I like shy girls..."he said to me , wich made almost die.

"THERE'S SOMETHING BETWEEN YOU GUYS!!!!", Louis yelled with a bi Colgate smile. We all laughed.

"So , let's go to McDonald's!" Niall was almost asking.

"Where's the nearest McDonald's?" Sasha asked.

"Right here ! ", Harry answered with a smirk.

We walked into McDonald's. We all ate (a lot!) and it was getting late (1 a.m)

"Dinner after midnight, we all are so badasses !" I said with my mouth full of food.

The guys and Sasha laughed.

I ear a whistle. OH! Just my phone. Got a new message.

"Hey honey! Just arrived to the SPA with dad and sasha's parents. Have a great time and behave yourself. LOTS OF LOVE , mom "

"our parents went to a SPA, they deserve this vacations!" Sasha explains.

"So.. Do you girls want to spend the night with us...? NOT IN THAT WAY!" , Liam asked looking to the other boys.

"YEEES!" , I yelled.

"HELL YEAH!" Sasha screams.

"Let's go in my car!!", i said . We all got in my car, on our way to my house....





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