Last First Kiss (1D fanfic)

On their way to a 1D show, Lea and Sasha , two best friends, have a car accident. Sasha survives with almost no damage, but Lea ... Lea stays with amnesia . What is going to make her remember at all ? Sasha has an idea that could change her lfe. Maybe a show ...


4. "the light over there"

After McDonalds we went to my car. I had to admmit we were a little bit drunk.

Zayn's POV:

It's weird, but... I guess I started to fancy her. Lea. Beautiful name. She's beautiful too. Her long , straight and brown hair is falling right to her chest. Her browny chocalte eyes are sparkling. His lips are bubble pink, and they are kissable. But... Im starting to know Perrie... She's not my girlfriend or something, but I dont want to break her heart. I mean , i dont want to break anyone's heart.

Sasha's POV:

I was a little bit dizzy for the beers. I can handle It . I dont know , but I got close to Niall. It feels like I know everyone of the boys since I'm 5. They're truthly likeable!

But I felt this thing with Niall... We all are going to spend the night at Harry's BIG NEW HOUSE .

This was a dream. I hope I could get soemthing with Niall. I hope Lea gets something with Zayn.

Lea's POV:

"Louis , please, you drive!", i asked. I wasn't in conditions to do it.

"Okay , love. What a nice car you have here !" He almost screamed, wich made us laugh as hard as we could.

The car was not big , so I had to sit in Zayn's lap and Sasha in Niall's lap. Harry was between us. Liam and Louis were in the front. I was at the right window.

As soon as the ride started , i opened the window and danced with my fingers and hair with the wind.

I started to see a hand coming out. It was pretty. Awkwardly pretty. He asked permition to dance with my hand and so did her. It was Zayn's hand.

"May I ?" , He asked with a smirk that melted me.

"Always", i answered closing my eyes.

Our hands touched and I smile. I could feel his warm breath in my neck, and It made me shaking with satisfaction. not THAT satisfaction !

I noticed that Harry was seeing. Mostly because at a certain time he screamed "BOW CHICKA WOW WOW". We laughed.

Sasha and Niall were talking. Almost cuddling. I (even close to her) texted her. Girly thing.

Me: Kinda Lucky , we !

Sash (nickname): Goood , this is a dream .

Me: Talk to you at Hazz's house , ok ?

Sash: K . GOOD LUCK !

Me: U 2 .

"Where were we going ?", Zayn asked. Now, we had our hands inside the car. Our hands were together and I didnt want to let go. His hands we're warm. I felt protection.

"We should get to know each other more." I said. I was getting shy. I was always shy and this was getting to good, right ?

"Yes, sure" he said. It felt like he was expecting other answer.

"Sorry. Maybe Im not that kind of girl. Im not that flirty", i was bright red saying that.

"No! No...Don't let go", he said it cause I was letting go my hands . I was running from him with my hands.

"I guess I ruined the ocasion." I said awkardly .

"I like your kind of girl. Actually , I..." he said.


So, I was pushing her. Maybe she doesnt like me. Maybe shes feeling to much pressure.

"Sorry. Maybe Im not that kind of girl. Im not that flirty".


She's shy.

Maybe she still loves me.

I still got a shot.

The conversation kept going.

"I like your kind of girl. Actually , I...", i started.

I was saying that I fancy her. Maybe Love her.

I guess there was no time.

I guess it was too late .


"Actually, I ... ", he said.

I was in love with him now. By the ways, since I was a directioner.

But now I met him personally. WHAT ?! Dude, I just met 1D. I just was in a "love moment" with Zayn Malik.

Please , say something good.

He took a deep breath


"Wait what's that?"

Zayn's Pov:


Lea's POV:

"the light over there. Shes getting closer. And closer"

"BOYS ..." louis said


-I think we got a problem. That's a bus! HOLD SOMETHING AND PROTECT YOUR HEAD!!! , he screamed

We were all scared to death.




Hey Hey! Basically 100 views and 1 like! I feel so excited! Its not the biggest number but for me its awesome!

What a pressure! This chapter in my opinion its the real beggining. And I loved the fact that I (i mean Lea , LOL)it's starting something with Zayn. Imagining me its crazy!

Spread and give your oppinion! I really need something else. this is pretty awesome, anyways. HOPE YOU ENJOY! OH! And I'll try to update more than two times in a week, but im on the "test week(s)" and its hard cause I have to study --'. So bye lovelies lollypops




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